Libya.. The UN envoy calls on the House of Representatives to focus on elections instead of the interim government

The envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams, called on the Libyan House of Representatives to focus on the elections, rather than adopting the issue of forming another interim transitional government, regardless of whether the issue of changing the government is a prerogative of Parliament or not.

What the Libyan people need, Williams said, is to be able to choose a democratically elected, sovereign government that helps unify the institutions.

This comes two days after Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh confirmed that the interim government is considered “expired in term” on December 24, stressing that it must be reconstituted and calling on the Governor of the Central Bank, the Attorney General and the regulatory bodies, not to spend the current government except with the prior approval of the House of Representatives. .

Saleh suspended parliament session for next week (Reuters)

Claim and Comment

Yesterday, Tuesday, Saleh called on the Parliamentary Roadmap Committee to set a deadline for holding the elections, proposing the end of this month as a maximum.

The House of Representatives has formed a roadmap committee with the aim of developing an integrated vision for the political stage next month, following the failure to hold the presidential elections on their previous date, December 24.

Saleh also suspended parliament’s session for next week, after hearing an initial briefing from the head of the parliament’s roadmap committee.

The head of the committee, Nasr El-Din Muhanna, said that the committee will officially present its proposal for the form of the road map at the council’s session next week.

He spoke of the “positive” meetings of the Road Map Committee with representatives of the Supreme Council of State in the capital, Tripoli, denying the existence of a dispute with the State Council over the paths of the road map.

Al-Mashri to Al-Jazeera Mubasher: Holding elections under the current conditions could lead to civil warAl-Mashri discussed ways to find legal solutions for the electoral process (Al-Jazeera)

Communication and meetings

In a context related to the political issue, the President of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, stressed the importance of communicating with the Constituent Assembly for the Drafting of the Constitution, as it is elected by the people.

Al-Mashri discussed, with a number of members of the Supreme Council of State, and the Communication Committee of the Constituent Assembly for the Drafting of the Constitution, finding legal solutions for the electoral entitlement.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Naglaa Al-Manqush met separately with British Ambassador Caroline Horndahl and German Ambassador Michael Unmacht in Tripoli.

A Foreign Ministry statement said that the two ambassadors expressed their countries’ support for the government’s efforts to enhance stability, and discussed with the Minister the developments in the political situation.

The presidential elections were supposed to be a sequel to a transitional political process sponsored by the United Nations, in the hope that they would be followed by legislative elections that would lay the foundations for democracy.

But the power struggle, fueled by external interventions and the proliferation of weapons and mercenaries, has so far prevented the completion of the transitional phase.

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