One hand holds a book and the other receives chemotherapy.. A Jordanian young man tells his story from a cancer patient to a doctor

The Jordanian young man, Fadi Abu Sale, spoke about his story from patient to doctor, after discovering that he had cancer while studying medicine at the University of Yarmouk in Jordan.

2015, join Fadi He went to medical school after ambition and diligence, and in his fourth year of school, he was shocked after conducting tests for the presence of a cancerous mass between the lungs, causing suffocation and stress.

Speaking to the News Monitoring and Verification Unit of Al-Jazeera Network, Sanad, Abu Salim said that the most difficult challenge for him was the way he had to tell his family that he had cancer.

He recalls the details by saying, “It began in the month preparatory to the start of our work in hospitals, and I began to suffer from symptoms of fatigue, sweating, high temperature, rapid heartbeat and lack of appetite. poison between the lungs.

And the ambitious young man’s determination ordered him to complete his studies despite his knowledge of his injury, which posed the most prominent challenge to him, saying, “I was carrying my book in one hand, and in the other I received a dose of chemotherapy.”

After months of difficulties and resistance, Fadi posted on his Facebook account pictures of him during and after the injury, and commented on them by saying, “Once, the patient returned, as a doctor.”

On his relationship with patients, he indicated that his injury and the period of his illness created a special relationship with them, as he was able to understand their pain and their feelings, stressing that he was talking to patients in the hospital, encouraging them to treat and raising their spirits.

And the price of the doctor Fadi Abu Salem The support of his family and the solidarity of his friends and their support for him, in addition to the attitudes that made him a strong and understanding man, according to him, and he recalled the phrases he used to repeat during his injury: “Do not be sad if the pain of the world makes you tired, for perhaps God longs to hear your voice and you seek His forgiveness.. Rest assured.. You are in the eyes of God the Guardian.” “.

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