Private customer division still active as McAfee: McAfee and Fireeye become Trellix

The once leading IT security provider McAfee is daring to start over after a very turbulent 2021 under the umbrella of Investors Symphony Technology Group (STG). The Fireeye product division purchased by STG for McAfee in October 2021 should help here. The was simultaneously from the already previously named Mandiant managed, service-heavy business separated.

As before the takeover by Fireeye in 2013, Mandiant now offers IT security services again, including incident response and services for the strategic further development of IT security for large companies. McAfee and the Fireeye product division are to become an integrated IT security platform supported by artificial intelligence and automation to be further developed. The focus should be on XDR. The Secure Service Edge portfolio is to be launched as a separate business unit later this year. It will then also cover the security areas Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

So the journey is certainly not over for McAfee and Fireeye after three months – even if there are some structural issues similarities between the products. With the renaming of the company, which has probably been largely merged at least in organizational terms, to Trellix, a real new beginning is now to be made.

After the death of John McAfee, company founder and namesake of the IT security pioneer in a Spanish prison, the private customer division, which continues to appear under the McAfee name, no longer needs to fear his increasingly bizarre escapades. They annoyed the company enormously – although it had long since had nothing to do with him. In November 2021, McAfee’s private customer division went to a group of private equity firms including Advent, Permira, Crosspoint Capital Partners and GIC Private for $14 billion. With that, business and enterprise business were finally and completely separated.