“Renew or leave now” .. Dembele’s stay in Barcelona is in jeopardy

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has publicly urged his French striker, Ousmane Dembele, to make a final decision on whether he is ready to renew his contract, which expires next summer.

The coach announced that Dembele has two options: either agree to extend the contract or leave the club before the end of the winter transfer period (this month).

The Barca coach said – in a press conference dedicated to tomorrow’s match against Athletic Bilbao in the King’s Cup final – “I do not want to disrespect anyone. The message is clear: Either he renews or he leaves. The situation is not easy or pleasant, but the club’s interests are nominal”.

He continued, “We are in a complicated and difficult situation. If he does not renew, the club must find a solution. We cannot be in this situation.. We waited for a long time.. (Sporting director) Mathieu (Alemani) has been talking (with Dembele’s agent) for 5 months and we cannot Wait any longer.”

“Dembele told me he wanted to stay. I ask him (why hasn’t he renewed yet)?” Hernandez concluded.

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