Security interests or internal affairs?… What is the secret behind the visit of an official Israeli delegation to Sudan?

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The expert in Israeli affairs, Ismat Mansour, said that the visit of the Israeli delegation to Sudan could have been conducted in secret, but its announcement is significant, explaining that at every station where the situation in Sudan worsens, Israel intervenes.

And he made it clear – in his talk to “Beyond the News” program (1/19/2022) – that the Israeli intervention is by going to Sudan or mediating with America to try to absorb any pressure against Khartoum.

He added that the Israeli delegation wanted to reassure the members of the Military Council in Sudan, to prove to them that it is on their side and wants to reduce the pressure on them. He stressed that Israel is interested in military rule and the strengthening of this wing because its interests lie in maintaining its influence, as it guarantees that it will pass its own interests.

For her part, Amal El-Zein, a member of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party, explained that the timing of the visit indicates Israel’s involvement in the events of last October 25, especially since Khartoum is under popular and international pressure on the ruling military authority, while the civilian component considered that it did not dare to speak out. his support for Israeli intervention.

She argued that the fall of the Sudanese military regime would put normalization with Israel at risk, because Tel Aviv does not receive popular acceptance in the country; Therefore, it insists on its support and support, and among the manifestations of Israeli assistance is what it provides to the Sudanese authority by making it able to hunt down activists through a technique for identifying the faces of activists during the demonstrations and sniping them.

security context

On the other hand, journalist writer and political analyst Awad Allah Nawai said that the visit of the Israeli delegation comes within the context of an Israeli security system, and has nothing to do with the country’s internal affairs, considering that Sudan does not benefit from this visit, but rather Israel is the beneficiary of this movement.

He considered that Tel Aviv does not have any lines or internal relations that would make it capable of interfering in Sudanese affairs, but it insists on serving its own interests within a security framework without prejudice to the Sudanese interior.

It is noteworthy that at a time when several Sudanese cities are witnessing protests calling for civilian rule, and political forces calling for civil disobedience and a general strike in the country, the Israeli radio announced the arrival of an Israeli delegation to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and this visit was not announced in advance, nor was the delegation’s identity revealed. The Israeli, nor the nature of his mission.

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