Super speed and great design.. Learn about the latest electric car making its way to the market

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Car companies from all over the world, whether big with a rich history of achievements or emerging ones, are still taking advantage of major international exhibitions to reveal their newest and most prominent modern technologies.

The “Smart Life” episode (19/2022) followed the latest American releases of Chrysler, which revealed a new electric car that was described as promising, as the company says that it invested its 100-year experience in its production.

Chrysler presented the AIR FLOW for the year 2022, which has become fully electric with the latest modern technology, and comes from the outside with a stylish design that pulses with technology, with a flexible chassis that maintains the highest aerodynamic standards, providing great aerodynamics while driving.

This car has an intelligent system built into it that provides a work environment and entertainment at the same time, with the help of interior screens where passengers can connect to the Internet or make video calls with complete ease.

Inside also, the cabin is spacious, making the passengers feel as if they are at home, and two electric motors, one at the front axle and the other at the rear axle, each providing approximately 200 horsepower, and equipped with a 118 kWh battery making it capable of covering a distance of more than 600 km per charge.

Regarding its exterior, the manufacturer says that the basic structure is made to serve more than one class of Chrysler cars in the future, and this serves the company’s vision of manufacturing a number of electric cars by 2025.

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