The International Astronomy Center monitors the passage of an asteroid from the dangerous group near Earth

The International Astronomy Center was able to photograph the asteroid as it passed yesterday, Tuesday, through the astronomical Seal Observatory, which is remotely controlled.

Video duration 00 minutes 08 seconds

Yesterday, Tuesday, January 18, a small asteroid called “1994 PC1” with a diameter of only one kilometer, was discovered in 1994 AD, and is classified within the group of potentially dangerous asteroids (PHA).

The asteroid passed at a distance of only 1.93 million km from Earth, which is a relatively small distance, and it is about 5 times the distance of the Moon from the Earth. Its speed while passing near the Earth reached 20 kilometers per second.

A graphic showing the orbit of the asteroid around the sun and how it approaches the Earth (International Astronomy Center)

has been able to International Astronomy Center From filming the asteroid as it passed yesterday, Tuesday, through the remote-controlled astronomical seal observatory, and the asteroid appears in the attached video as a small line moving between the stars, which is a compilation of 17 images, each of only 10 seconds! This is the closest pass of the asteroid from Earth since it passed 89 years ago in 1933.

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