Their smile goes out when you appear.. 9 signs that tell you that coworkers hate you

“Most people spend half their waking hours with their co-workers,” says American author Michael Hoon.

Therefore, “When your co-workers like you, it will boost your morale, making you more productive, focused, creative and successful in everything you do,” says Michael Kerr, author of “The benefit of the joke”.

However, it is painful to feel that they hate you, and that you cannot avoid them; in study It surveyed more than 36,000 employees at technology companies about their relationships at work; The researchers found that 1 in 3 of those surveyed said that a co-worker had caused them to leave their job; 43% of women and 32% of men said they wanted to leave because of a colleague.

Because in our personal lives, it is easy to dismiss those who do not like us; At work, this can lead to a bigger problem, hence the importance of signs that ring alarm bells, to warn you of the atmosphere of hatred that surrounds you.

They avoid eye contact with you

You will find that they avoid making eye contact with you, but at the same time, they stare at you for a long time.

Dr Audrey Nelson, a consultant Psychology Today(Psychologytoday) “The eye is the most powerful tool of nonverbal communication tools,” referring to a study conducted at the University of Miami, which showed that 43% of the attention we focus on a person is through the eyes, while speaking by mouth contributes by 13%; which is This means that the mouth and eyes together, alone make up 56% of our attention to the other.

So, when you feel like your colleagues aren’t looking you in the eye, it means “you are underestimated,” according to Nelson.

In contrast to visual ignoring, you’ll find a kind of intense stare, “crude and aggressive,” as anthropologist David Givens described, adding that “a stare for more than 3 seconds may indicate discomfort, or dislike.”

Their smiles fade every time they see you

Fun and smiles disappear from the workplace all of a sudden, as soon as you show up; It is “a sign of contempt, and a message that they are happier in your absence,” according to career consulting journalist, Peter Jones.

If your thoughts, fears, or requests are ignored, it is an indication that you have become an outcast (pixels).

They don’t recognize your importance and ignore your ideas

Jones adds, “When you walk into the office and say good morning, and no one cares to respond, it’s a lack of recognition of your importance.” Michael Kerr asserts that “if your ideas, concerns, or requests are ignored while others’ ideas and requests are taken seriously and urgently, it is a sign that you have become an outcast.”

Enough with rude emails

Sandy Smith tells us, “Hate people may rely on email to communicate at work, to avoid getting close to your office and personal contact.”

“You may be sitting 5 feet away from them, but they only communicate with you by email, a clear sign that they are trying to limit your personal contact,” Jones explains. To underscore their hatred, they “deliberately keep the emails coming from them blunt, with the fewest words.”

Brief.. they send negative signals without words

“Even if your co-worker doesn’t say he doesn’t like you, his body language can tell,” Smith says. So, Michael Kerr tells us, “If your colleagues respond to your conversation with murmurs, succinct one-word responses, or complete disregard, this is a clear indication of their negative feelings.”

He adds, “They often reveal it without talking, turning their eyes, or crossing their arms over their chests, or looking up while you’re talking.”

They always criticize you, doubt you, and blame you constantly

If you feel like you are constantly being criticized, then you are definitely hated by at least someone; Also, “when every decision you make is questioned, it is a sign of perpetuating mistrust of you,” says Smith.

“If you feel like someone is squashing every idea you come up with, it’s a sign of their strong hatred, to the point of prejudice against anything you’re proposing, even a great idea,” Kerr adds.

Thus, if your co-workers really hate you, it is a sign of that, constantly blaming you when something goes wrong, or holding you accountable for the slightest mistake, until you quit or get fired.

No kidding, no personal relationships

“People often don’t care about the personal life of someone they don’t like, so coworkers’ indifference to your personal life is a bad sign,” Smith says. This is most evident when you hear them talk about their hobbies, family, or weekend plans, without your involvement.

“Branking is an essential way to build relationships in any workplace, and not getting involved in circles of jokes and giggles is a bad sign that your co-workers don’t like you around,” Kerr says.

You are the talk of the office and the subject of rumors

“If you find your co-workers whispering about you, or you find yourself the source of silent talk or bad gossip, you may be hated in the workplace,” says Hoon.

Also, you may suffer from this childish behavior that happens in the workplace all the time, finding some colleagues who don’t like you, “so they spread rumors, and come up with strange stories to spoil your career,” says Wessa Gillen.

If you are the source of the silent or bad gossip, you may be hated in the workplace (pixels)

They go through hardships to avoid you

When they see you waiting for the elevator, they go up the stairs, and don’t go to the break room until you’ve left.

“Some of these situations may seem coincidental sometimes, but if they always happen, it is a sign that your colleagues are trying their best to avoid you,” says Jones, adding, “They may appear to be trying to help, directing you to a job elsewhere, sending you job ads, This is a great sign that they are trying to get rid of you.”

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