This singer deliberately infected with Corona .. What happened to her later?

Is it true that the omicron mutant causes mild symptoms and is considered less dangerous to the health of individuals compared to the previous mutant delta? And what happened to the Czech singer who deliberately infected with Corona? And what is the relationship of black with corona mutants? The answers are in this comprehensive report.

Is it true that Omicron causes mild symptoms and is considered less dangerous than Delta?

Says Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar “Yes, right, the omicron mutant causes less severe symptoms in the majority of people than the previous mutant, including delta.”

“But people are still required to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves because Omicron causes severe disease, especially in unvaccinated individuals or those who have been vaccinated for 6 months and did not receive the booster dose.”

What happened to the Czech singer?

Czech singer Hana Horka, 57, deliberately infected with the Corona virus in order to obtain a health permit and not receive the vaccine, but she died on Sunday as a result of the disease, according to what her family announced.

newspaper said “لوفيغاروIn a report, the French lefigaro said that Horca, a singer in the Czech folk band “Asunans”, confirmed two days before her death that she had gone through a painful ordeal after contracting the Corona infection.

Jan Rik, the singer’s son, pointed the finger at those who refused the vaccine, and explained in an intervention on a Czech radio station that his mother refused to be vaccinated and voluntarily exposed herself to the infection that he and his father had contracted before her, but both were vaccinated.

“My mother decided to live normally with us and preferred to get sick rather than receive a vaccination,” he added. “I survived the disease. Now there will be a theatrical performance, a sauna, a concert… and an urgent cruise,” Hurka wrote on social media, two days before her death.

The Czech authorities require their citizens to present a declaration confirming that they have received the vaccine or have recovered from a recent infection with the Corona virus, in all cultural and sports facilities, and in cafes and restaurants.

Rick accused local figures from the anti-vaccine movement of persuading his mother to refuse to receive the vaccination, saying, “The hands of this movement are stained with my mother’s blood.”

He added, “I know exactly who changed her mind… I am sad because she believed strangers more than her family. It is not only about false information, but opinions about natural immunity and the antibodies that are formed by contracting the disease.”

The Czech Republic is currently facing a new epidemic wave, as the country recorded more than 20 thousand new positive cases last Monday.

A Czech singer dies after being deliberately infected with Corona to obtain a health permitThe Czech Jan Rek accused figures from the anti-vaccination movement of persuading his mother, singer Hurka, to refuse to receive the vaccination, saying, “The hands of this movement are stained with my mother’s blood” (communication sites)

What is the relationship of black with corona mutants?

Studies conducted by the University of Pretoria in South Africa showed that a number of lions in a zoo in the capital were infected with Covid-19 through zoo workers who did not show any symptoms, which raises fears of the emergence of new mutations evolving in the animals’ bodies.

In a report published byBloomberg(Bloomberg) Writers Anthony Sgazzini and Renee Bonorkis say that the University of Pretoria published a statement on Tuesday in which they explained that a study published in 2020 conducted on the feces of two lionesses with diarrhea, nasal secretions and loss of appetite, showed that she was infected with Covid-19 and fully recovered after 23 days.

A year later, in the midst of the third wave caused by the delta mutant in South Africa, 3 lions tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to the authors, in addition to the prevailing theory that corona is transmitted from animals to humans, these studies provide new evidence that the virus can also be transmitted from humans to animals.

University data indicate that the virus was circulating among the employees at the time when the lions got sick, which is likely that they transmitted the infection to the animals. The researchers said the disease could then mutate in the bodies of animals and return to humans.

And the statement of the same university stated that the necessary measures should be taken, such as wearing masks and controlling infection when dealing with zoo animals, and it is recommended to put barriers that prevent visitors from approaching them.

“These measures are necessary to protect endangered species from disease and death. They are also important measures because of the risk of the emergence of new mutations if the virus develops in the bodies of animals, where it can be transmitted to humans,” he added.

Denmark had culled a number of mink infected with the Corona virus at the beginning of the pandemic. Hong Kong also said Tuesday that 2,000 small animals, including a number of hamsters, will be culled, after some of them tested positive for the virus.

The long-term effects of corona may require a visit to a cardiologist or neurologist

German health care expert Gondola Rosbach said that some people who have contracted the Corona virus (Covid-19) suffer from long-term effects of the virus after recovery in what is known as “Post-Covid Syndrome” or (Long Covid).

Rosbach said some patients still had symptoms such as:

  • poor focus
  • shortness of breath
  • anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • heart problems

And that even after 6 months of recovery.

Depending on the symptoms, the patient should consult a cardiologist, neurologist or other specialist.

Source : German + Al Jazeera + Agencies + Bloomberg + لوفيغارو

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