Watch .. Egypt accompanies Nigeria to the final price of the African Nations

The Egyptian national team booked its place in the final price of the African Nations Cup, which is currently being held in Cameroon, after beating Sudan 1-0 in the “Nile Valley Derby” in the third (final) round of the fourth group of the group stage of the continental competition, which also witnessed Nigeria’s victory. 2-0 against Guinea-Bissau.

The “Nigerian Eagles” team finished its career in the group with a full mark and climbed to the top with 9 points, becoming the only team of the 24 participating teams in the competition, which achieved the full mark by winning all its three matches in the group stage.

The Egyptian team, which has the record number of times to win the championship with 7 titles, came in second place with 6 points, to face the leaders of Group E in the next round, while the Sudanese team ranked third with one point, to officially bid farewell to the competition accompanied by Guinea-Bissau, bottom Ranking, equal with him in the same balance.

The Sudanese team, crowned with the title in 1970, had no chance of being among the top 4 third-placed teams in the six groups in the competition, qualifying for the playoffs, given that all third-placed teams currently in the rest of the groups have a higher balance than they are currently.

Although the victory came with a single goal, the Egyptian team, which only needed a draw today in order to qualify for the next round, achieved it with minimal effort, in light of the clear surrender of the Sudanese team to the loss.

The young defender, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, played the championship role in the match, after he scored the only goal of the Egyptian team (35).

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