“We are not here to please anyone.” What is the truth behind Eto’o’s shocking statements against Algeria and Ivory Coast?

Since the start of the African Nations Cup, the shocking statements attributed to Samuel Eto’o, president of the Cameroon Football Association, have not ceased, the latest of which was circulated by several accounts and Arab media, of “alleged” shocking statements on his tongue about the poor ground of Jaboma Stadium.

Some Arab media fell into the “mud” of promoting Ito’s “fabricated” statements; And the last of which is what he allegedly said, “I will not say anything about the Jaboma stadium, but I just want to tell the officials of the Algerian national team or the Ivorian (Cote d’Ivoire) that even the FIFA president wanted to change the date of the stadium and could not, we are not here to please anyone or give gifts.”

And according to what the “Krowad Tangle” tool showed, the number of posts that addressed these statements during the last 24 hours on Facebook reached 411, and generated more than 200,000 interactions.

While 33 publications addressed the same statements made by Ito on the Instagram platform, which resulted in more than 94,000 interactions during the same period.

According to the research conducted by the “Sanad” agency for monitoring and verification of news on the island, there is no source for these fabricated statements, as Samuel Eto’o has not appeared in any television or written interview since the start of the tournament until now.

This is not the first time that platform pioneers and the media have addressed false statements on the tongue of Eto’o, as she claimed earlier before the opening ceremony that he said that the honorary podium would be dedicated only to CAF officials.

The last interview that the head of the Cameroon Federation gave to the fourth of this January with The Athletic network, in which he did not address the opening ceremony, the quality of the stadiums, or the details of organizational matters in the tournament.

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