A memorial with flowers during the match .. Video: A Turkish club draws attention to a unique farewell to a player who died in a traffic accident and FIFA commented

In a beautiful gesture that caught the attention of European football stadiums, the players and fans of the Turkish club Konyaspor saluted the late player from the club, Ahmet Galik, in an impressive way, after he was killed in a traffic accident about 10 days ago.

The club tried to honor its late player in a special way, when he decided to hold a memorial ceremony for him before the start of his match with his guest, Adana Demirspor, on Tuesday, at its “Ataturk Konya” stadium.

Before the start of the match, Konya fans raised a huge banner for Galik that covered a large part of the stands, and also raised small banners bearing the player’s name and number with the team during his memorial.

In the sixth minute of the match (the same number as the late player), the players took the ball out of the field to greet Galic, amid warm applause from the audience, and the audience threw thousands of red roses on the field as a dedication to his soul.

Some of his teammates were also affected by his departure.

Konya mourned his player on January 11, after he announced that he had died in a traffic accident, and he said on his Twitter account, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of our player Ahmed Yilmaz Galik, who has been loved by our fans and our city since the first day he arrived in Konya. Spore”.

The International Football Association (FIFA) commented on the picture of the roses that Konyaspor shared on its official account on Twitter, saying, “Beautiful greetings to Ahmet Galik.” And the FIFA account re-published a video of the special greetings of the players of the two teams and the public to the spirit of Galic, after they stopped playing in the sixth minute to throw roses and applause for him.

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