A thug killed her after stealing her… Revealing the details of the killing of Rawan Al Husseini, the world champion in speedball

Cairo – Not many days passed after the wave of sadness that hit Egypt after a group of children drowned in the Nile while returning from work, until the manifestations of sadness and anger continued in Egypt after revealing the details of the killing of the former world speedball champion Rawan Al-Husseini at the hands of the “vulnerable criminal” who dumped her body From the rooftop of a building near her home in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate (Northern Egypt).

The Egyptian authorities were able to reach the accused of killing Rawan a day after reporting the crime, and Egyptian media said that the authorities arrested the killer after unloading 4 surveillance cameras that monitored his movements when committing the crime, and the authorities decided to imprison him after he re-enacted the crime.

Initial investigations revealed that the girl was visiting her aunt’s house before she was killed.

While the mother said that she received a call from her daughter’s phone and an unknown person spoke to her and told her that her daughter’s body was found on the roof of a building. Indeed, the people found the body, and upon examination it was found that it is Rawan Al-Husseini (22 years), a student at the College of Pharmacy and the former world champion in speedball.

for 50 pounds

newspaper quoted “Egyptian todayAccording to the security services, the accused monitored her through 4 surveillance cameras, and that he tried to rob the victim under duress, and when she resisted him, he removed her “head cover” and strangled her and smashed her head against the wall more than once, and the next day he told her mother by phone where the body was on the roof.

Investigations revealed that the perpetrator lured her at gunpoint into one of the residential buildings, and asked her for her money, so she took out the amount she had (50 pounds), but he forced her to climb to the top of the roof of the building, and “asked her to remove her golden earring, so she gave it to him, and when She let go of his hand and tried to scream, so he held her breath with his hand, took off her headscarf, and strangled her to death.

The newspaper said that the accused, a “very criminal”, resides in the city of Desouk, in the governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh (northern Egypt), and was accused in 17 previous cases, including drug trafficking, theft and bullying.

precautionary measures

The pioneers of the communication sites in Egypt expressed their anger and sadness at the death of the Egyptian heroine at the hands of a veteran criminal who was left at large by the authorities wreaking havoc, and demanded his execution to serve as an example to other “thugs”.

A number of social media pioneers compared the authorities’ release of criminals and thugs before completing their sentences, while imprisoning the best of its young men because of opinion issues, and if they released them, they would be placed under precautionary measures.

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