“Al-Houthi” attacks on the UAE… What is the reason behind them? Will it change America’s calculations in the region?

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The Houthi attacks on the UAE have raised several questions about the future of US interests in the Middle East and the Gulf, and the nature of the US commitment to the future of their stability as allies in the region.

In this regard, the regional spokesman for the US State Department, Samuel Warbig, stressed – in his speech to the “From Washington” program (20/1/20211) – America’s condemnation of the Houthi attacks on the UAE, explaining that the Yemeni file is among the priorities of the Biden administration, and that there are efforts Continuing to end the war in Yemen.

On the impact of the attacks on the course of the Vienna negotiations, Al-Jazeera correspondent in America, Muhammad Al-Baqali, said that the Houthi attack on the UAE is viewed by the West as falling within what is described as Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region, but this matter does not fall within the Vienna negotiations, which focus exclusively on the issue of the nuclear file Iranian.

He also added that the attacks did not have a direct impact on the negotiations despite America’s annoyance with them, pointing out that the success of the negotiations is possible because the two parties have no alternative in light of their unwillingness to war, while the belief in their failure remains in light of the lack of trust and different priorities between them.

Regarding the background that caused these attacks, the former US State Department official, Nabil Khoury, explained that the background of the Houthi attacks is the military escalation on the ground in Yemen. The entry of the Emirati-backed Giants Army into the battle upset the scales around Marib and prevented the Houthis from completely surrounding the city.

He pointed out that this military escalation was considered by the “Ansar Allah” group as a return by the UAE to the war in Yemen, which caused the airport attacks, noting that the Emirati and Saudi reaction caused the destruction of 3 civilian neighborhoods in Sanaa.

With regard to the impact of these attacks, the writer and political analyst Muhammad Al-Dosari said that the Houthi attack on the UAE does not only affect the countries of the Gulf region, but also includes the path of global trade and the path of the world’s oil trade.

He believed that these attacks will push the Gulf states to search for strong defense systems, whether from the east or the west, to resist such attacks, and no side will deter them in that because it is related to national security considerations related to defending the capitals of the Gulf states.

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