are you single? Beware, celibacy threatens your life

The separation between a man and a woman is painful, especially when it is followed by a long period of celibacy; The health effects in this case can be devastating, according to a Danish study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health; Men are more affected than women in the face of these life upheavals.

In an article published by the magazine “Le Point” (lepointThe French said that researchers from the University of Copenhagen discovered higher levels of inflammation in the blood of unmarried men, who had experienced several separations, compared to women who lived through the same situation.

Inflammatory markers were higher in men who had more breakups, according to the study (Getty Images)

To conduct the research, Professor Ricky Lund’s team collected data from 4,612 people of both sexes, taking into account the number of separations that had occurred with them.

After that, the researchers continued to work in the same way on another group consisting of 4835 people of both sexes as well, and focused this time on the number of years of loneliness. The ages of the participants ranged between 48 and 62 years, and the information collected covered a wide period of time, from 1986 to 2011. .

After comparing the results; The researchers found, surprisingly, that inflammatory markers were higher in men who had more separations. The rate of inflammation was 17% higher for them compared to the control group, which was made up of individuals without loneliness.

For men who lived alone for a long time (7 years or more), the rate of inflammation was 12% higher, according to the study (Getty Images).

For those who lived alone for a long time (7 years or more), the rate was 12% higher, and other factors were taken into account in this study, such as age, trauma experienced, education level, and gender of individuals.

Professor Ricky stated that he did not find in women any relationship between celibacy, frequent breakups and levels of inflammation, however he treated this information with caution, noting that men tend to show their pain by engaging in risky behaviors (drinking or addiction), while women internalize Their feelings are more, and in the worst cases they can fall into depression.

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