“Disgusting behaviour”… Two cameras were found to photograph the players in the dressing room of a German women’s team

The German women’s handball team, Tuss Metzingen, announced today, Thursday, that it found two hidden cameras in the team’s changing room at the beginning of this week.

An investigation is currently underway with a person close to the team, after the club informed the police of what happened, and the suspect is not currently working with the club.

“This is disgusting, especially since the person who committed this act is a trusted person. This is shocking. It has hurt us all,” said coach Ferenc Roth.

The coach expressed his admiration for the players’ decision to face Betegem as scheduled yesterday, although the team lost 20-32.

“We are not going to let something like this put us down, and the fact that the team wants to play handball again and immediately is a very strong signal,” said Root.

“We have had a lot of support from the police, the federation and other teams during this difficult time. Of course it helps, and we thank them for that.”

For its part, the German Women’s Handball League confirmed that it was “shocked” and assured the club of its “full support”.

“We strongly condemn this abhorrent act,” she said today. “Such criminal behavior goes against all the values ​​that we stand for as a bond together with our clubs.”

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