Hazard leads Real Madrid to the Copa del Rey quarter-final at the expense of Elche

Real Madrid snatched the ticket to qualify for the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup, after its difficult victory over its host Elche 2-1, today, Thursday, in the price-finals after a marathon match.

After the end of the first and second half in a goalless tie, the match extended for two more periods to determine the winning team.

Elche advanced in the 103rd minute in the first extra period, before Real Madrid equalized five minutes later with a goal scored by Isco.

And in the 115th minute, Belgian Eden Hazard scored the second goal for Real.

Real Madrid joined six other clubs that qualified for this round, namely, Real Mallorca, Rayo Vallecano, Cadiz, Real Betis, Real Sociedad and Valencia, awaiting the end of the matches of this round with a confrontation between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona.

The match began, contrary to what was expected, with pressure from Elche players in an attempt to score an early goal against Real Madrid and its Ukrainian goalkeeper Andrei Lunin.

On the other hand, Italian Carlo Ancelotti relied in his attack on a trio led by Brazilian Vinicius and his compatriot Rodrygo, in addition to Serbian Luka Jovic.

Lunin saved a header from Elche striker Guido Carrillo in the 25th minute, preventing a dangerous opportunity for the home team.

For his part, Real Madrid’s attack did not create many opportunities during the first half, and his most dangerous opportunity was from French midfielder Camavinga, who hit a ball that was saved by Elche goalkeeper Axel Werner in the 40th minute.

The rest of the first half minutes did not witness anything new, so the referee blew his whistle to end with a goalless draw.

With the beginning of the second half, Real Madrid tried to control the match, and launched several attacks on the Elche goal and goalkeeper Werner.

Real Madrid’s Marcelo hit the ball on the edge of the penalty area, but it passed along the left post of Elche’s goal in the 57th minute.

Werner saved a shot from Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro in the 77th minute to continue his brilliance in the match.

Vinicius hit a creeping ground ball in the 81st minute, but Werner saved it and kept another dangerous chance for Real.

The remaining minutes of the second half did not witness anything new, so the referee blew his whistle at the end of the game, with a goalless tie, to resort to the additional two halves.

The start of the first extra period came quickly, as the two teams announced their intentions to settle the match before reaching the penalty shootout.

Elche’s Gerrard hit a powerful free kick from a direct free kick, but Real’s goalkeeper Lunin saved it in the 97th minute of the first overtime period.

And in the 102nd minute in the first extra half, the Brazilian Marcelo of Real Madrid was sent off after he interfered with Titi Moriente of Elche, a short distance from the area of ​​the part.

Elche managed to take advantage of the referee’s error after Marcelo was sent off, to score a wonderful goal by Gonzalo Verdo, after he hit a ball that hit the human wall and then returned to him to hit it powerfully in the goal of Lunin, announcing his team’s lead with a goal in the 103rd minute.

And due to the result of Elche advancing with a clean goal, the end of the first extra period came.

Real Madrid did not wait long in the second extra period to score the equalizer through Isco in the 108th minute, after hitting him with the ball from Dani Ceballos’ shot to enter the Elche net.

Five minutes before the end of the second extra period, Real Madrid scored the second goal through Belgian Eden Hazard, after receiving a wonderful pass from David Alaba, to dodge the Elche goalkeeper and put the ball into the net, scoring the winning goal for the royal team.

The rest of the minutes of the second extra period did not witness anything new, so the referee blew his final whistle, with Real Madrid winning 2-1, and qualifying for the quarter-finals.

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