In the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of ​​Oman.. Joint military exercises between Iran, Russia and China

The Russian and Iranian defense ministries announced the launch of joint naval exercises with China on Friday in the Atlantic Ocean and the Sea of ​​Oman.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the maneuvers include various tactical operations in the context of enhancing the security of international maritime trade, combating maritime terrorism and pirates, exchanging information in the fields of search and rescue, and exchanging experiences.

In turn, the official in charge of public relations for the Iranian armed forces, Admiral Mustafa Tajeddin, said that this year’s maneuvers are being carried out under the slogan “Together for Security and Peace”, on an area of ​​17,000 square kilometers in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

He added that these maneuvers, known as the “Maritime Security Belt 2022”, are the third carried out by the three countries, stressing that their goal is to ensure security and stability, enhance cooperation between the participating countries, and demonstrate their ability to protect the security of maritime navigation.

Tajeddin said that China, Russia and Iran began joint naval exercises in 2019, and will continue them in the future.

The exercises will be attended by naval forces from the Iranian armed forces and the Revolutionary Guards, and include various exercises such as rescuing a burning ship, liberating a hijacked ship, and shooting at air targets at night.

These military exercises are the third, with the participation of warships and aircraft of the navies of the three countries mentioned, since the launch of the first “maritime security belt” in December 2019.

A Russian ship in the Black Sea (Reuters)

In a related context, the Russian Defense Ministry said – in a statement – that the forces of the Russian fleet, led by the Commander of the Naval Forces, Admiral Nikolai Yevminov, will conduct maneuvers in all areas of its responsibility between January and February.

According to the Defense Ministry, about 10,000 soldiers, 140 warships and support ships, more than 60 aircraft and 1,000 units of military equipment will participate in the exercises.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense noted that the main direction of the maneuvers is training in the actions of the Navy and Air Force to protect Russia’s national interests in the oceans, as well as to counteract military threats against Russia from the oceans.

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