In the video.. Belmadi admits failure and hints at his departure from the Algerian national team

Djamel Belmadi, the coach of the Algerian national team, described the exclusion from the African Nations Cup, which is currently being held in Cameroon, as “failure” and “failure”, hinting at the possibility of his departure from the “Greens”.

Belmadi commented on the exclusion of Algeria from the first round after losing to Ivory Coast 1-3, today, Thursday, at the end of the group stage, saying, “It is a failure and a complete failure, the players are down. We were not at the level of the championship.”

He added in the press conference that followed the match, “This feeling is very bad because we did not know the loss and this situation is killing me internally. We have to raise our head and analyze what happened. After 45 minutes, I cannot talk about the reasons for this failure.”

He continued, “It is difficult to explain what happened, since the beginning of the session, we did not translate the opportunities that were available to us, and doubt is leaking to us. There are things you do not know, Mahrez did not benefit from a special holiday and I bear the responsibility of involving him in all the first round matches.”

Belmadi stressed that his focus was on the African Nations Cup and not on the decisive role that qualifies for the World Cup, acknowledging that the “Greens” did not get the desired results.

He hinted at the possibility of his departure from the “Greens” when he stated that the most important thing is the team, not the people, noting that everything that happened will be analyzed and that each person must assume his responsibilities.

It is noteworthy that Algeria, which won the African Nations Championship that was held in Egypt in 2019, obtained one point from 3 matches to bottom the fifth group, which was led by Ivory Coast with 7 points, one point ahead of its runner-up Equatorial Guinea, who accompanied it to the round of 16, and Sierra Leone ranked third. Two points to also deposit the tournament.

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