In the video.. Heavy movement of British planes carrying military aid to Ukraine in anticipation of war

A British defense website has broadcast a video showing heavy movement of British military aircraft carrying military aid from the United Kingdom to Ukraine between last Monday and Wednesday.

This comes at a time when Western countries are accelerating their efforts to provide Ukraine with many weapons and equipment in anticipation of a possible invasion from Russia, which in the past few months has deployed tens of thousands of its soldiers near the border with Ukraine.

The video was produced with time-acceleration technology and shows the passage of all British military aid transport flights via a single itinerary to and from Ukraine.

وذكر a report For the third day in a row, British military transport planes are delivering thousands of anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainian authorities, in order to confront the Russian military build-up near the eastern Ukrainian border, the UK Defense Journal reported.

British aid is transported via C-17 military transport aircraft.

And British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said last Monday before his country’s parliament that London is providing Ukraine with a new security system to help it strengthen its defense capabilities in the face of threatening behavior from Russia.

“We have taken a decision to provide Ukraine with light defensive anti-armor weapons systems,” Ben Wallace said, stressing that “they are not strategic weapons and do not pose any threat to Russia. They are for use in self-defense.”

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