Qatar and Turkey agree to secure Kabul International Airport

On Thursday, Turkish diplomatic sources said that Turkey and Qatar had agreed to secure the main airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul, if they obtained approval to undertake this task during the ongoing talks with the Taliban.

The sources told reporters that Ankara and Doha had agreed on a security framework for the mission for the airport, but added that talks were continuing on other aspects such as financing.

“It is expected that the Taliban will guarantee security abroad and that those who run the airport will provide security at home,” a source said. “The process continues in a positive manner,” he added.

The sources revealed that a delegation of Turkish and Qatari officials held talks on this issue in Kabul this week.

Kabul International Airport is the main air link between Afghanistan and the outside world.

After the Taliban imposed its control over Afghanistan last August, Turkey said it accepted the idea of ​​operating it in cooperation with Qatar, but only in one case, which is to meet its security demands.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the UAE also held talks with the Taliban on the continued operation of the airport.

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