Sky series “The Pass”: Successful sequel

First the news for the friends of the extravagant style: Gedeon Winter’s coat survived season one – this somehow mangy and at the same time so damn exuberant piece of clothing that showed by itself how little the wearer, allegedly a police officer, gave a fuck about everything.

However, it takes a while to get in The passport, season two, the fate of winter itself is resolved, the of Nicholas Ofczarek played commissioner from Austria. Basically, it’s not fully explained until the end. What is certain is that at the end of the first season, Winter got a bullet in the head from a motorcyclist. In the car, at a level crossing and with the cigarette afterwards: Winter had just saved his German colleague Ellie Stocker from a poison attack by the crazy Krampus murderer at the last second. the case was solved. And from. Correct. Stupid when a series then becomes so successful that it should continue.

Bullet in the head – so what? says the series connoisseur, who of course immediately announces it Legal Affairs from the ARD thinks, where the lawyer Leo Roth finally has a bullet in his head, for years, which sometimes moves and creates drama. Anyone who is self-respecting in this series season has an extravagant X-ray of their brain at their disposal. And what the weather in Pass concerns: snow must fall, gentle, weightless flakes.

The showrunners play with the residual risk of legends and customs

Gedeon Winter isn’t the only one who still has the horrifying case from last time, well, in his head. The brilliant colleague Stocker (Julia Jentsch) is no longer up to everyday police work in every respect. Panic attacks, dangerous mistakes. The second season, which will soon be brilliant, begins with restraint, almost bland – with a feeling of office sadness, coffee mugs all the time. This time, too, bickering develops about German-Austrian responsibilities, a student is found murdered and brutally mauled. As in season one, the viewer is a few shockers ahead of the police, knows the perpetrator and has a pretty creepy idea of ​​what could come next.

The team around the two showrunners Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert and cameraman Philip Peschlow has staged a great, brilliant horror story for the second time, laid a nasty humming sound on lightless mountain forests and played with the residual risk of legends and customs.

Sky series: Alexander Gössen (Dominic Marcus Singer), the unfit builder scion, would like to be a pianist.

Alexander Gössen (Dominic Marcus Singer), the offspring of a building contractor who is unable to do business, would like to be a pianist.

(Photo: Hendrik Heiden/Sky)

Gregor Ansbach, the self-important psychopath, is still remembered. This time the perpetrator – so many spoilers must be – is about sexual arousal through screams of agony. A stuffed hind that was in the killer’s power before she died sets off the decisive trigger, and these fluffy flakes keep falling in the diffused light, as if everyone were locked in a snow globe of evil.

Family is hell here too, a construction company is successful because one of two rich Gössen brothers fulfills all the clichés of Ösi-felz, and when the hunt is called, they are still the most harmless, chasing after power. The pictures are noble, the cast is grandiose – but the show in the new ensemble is Dominic Marcus Singer, who plays Alexander Gössen, the brother who is less fit for business. A pianist unable to play, who lives in an old building on the mountain from which his brother has long fled. He plays him in such a way that he could also be an enraptured fairytale king in his castle. But he isn’t.

Gedeon Winter saved Ellie Stocker’s life but not her soul

All of this has been amazingly successful – after an award-winning first season that seemed hard to beat, a second, perhaps even more coherent one followed, with the same brand essence, i.e. the same tension pattern, with the same subliminal narrative of a mountain world and nevertheless different. The interweaving is so extensive that one strand of the story crosses a scene in flashback that is familiar from season one.

Sky series: The coat is intact, but the head is not: Gedeon Winter (Nicholas Ofczarek) and young colleague Yela Antic (Franziska von Harsdorf).

The coat is intact, but the head is not: Gedeon Winter (Nicholas Ofczarek) and his young colleague Yela Antic (Franziska von Harsdorf).

(Photo: Hendrik Heiden/Sky Germany)

series like The passport always act the same way about the investigative team, and Gedeon Winter saved Ellie Stocker’s life but not her soul. “One thing you mustn’t forget: If you look the perpetrator in the eye, he’ll look into yours too,” Ellie warns the young police officer Yela Antic, who still wants to look. How much Stocker and Winter, these two disabled men, these ghosts, really want and have to be police officers is a topic in itself. Happiness, that’s when Winter opens his own police station in his favorite pub and hits the jukebox with the song in which Wolfgang Ambros tells the world how long he hasn’t washed.

Not unwashed – in the end Winter wears a gala uniform, looks dangerously polished: By the middle of the penultimate episode at the latest, the story has loosened itself up quite casually from the case and, with a twist that changes everything, delivers the cliffhanger for the next season. Good idea.

The pass, from January 21 on Sky.

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