Start-ups: Warehousing1 wants to cover up-and-coming brands

Warehousing1 offers retailers an online platform to quickly and easily find suitable storage space and fulfillment services. The Berlin start-up bundles the offers of small and medium-sized logistics companies into a network with around 850 locations, which is intended to serve customer requirements in warehouse logistics and fulfillment individually. The focus is on young, fast-growing D2C brands.

Warehousing1 offers everything from short-term interim storage for excess inventory to scalable e-commerce fulfillment projects across multiple locations. Companies can use the platform of the Berlin logistics start-up to find suitable warehouse logistics solutions for their e-commerce business.

The focus is primarily on young brands for which logistics have to keep up with growth, but also on larger customers who have outgrown their own logistics capacities as a result of the online boom. Fabian Sedlmayr, co-founder and managing director of Warehousing1, introduces the start-up in an etailment interview.

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Want to turn fulfillment in e-commerce upside down: the three Warehousing1 founders (from left): Nico Szeli, Nils Aschmann and Fabian Sedlmayr

To be honest and without buzzwords: How would you explain the start-up to your parents?
Everything that is sold over the Internet has to be put together in a warehouse and shipped. It is often more convenient and cheaper for retailers to hand over this process to an external service provider. This is where we come in. We offer retailers and brands the right logistics solution, which we handle through our network with over 850 locations in Germany, Europe and the USA. Of course, this includes storage, order picking and preparation for dispatch, but also many other services. We are also developing a software solution with which communication between dealers and service providers runs smoothly. This is how we cover our customers’ backs while they can focus on their growth.

How would you describe your business model to a potential partner in a tweet (280 characters)?
With Warehousing1, customers only pay for fulfillment services that they actually use. There are no set-up fees, and the connection to shop systems or marketplaces is also free. Our Vision: Transform E-Commerce Fulfillment!

Which companies/customers have you already convinced?
We have already been able to convince over 400 customers from all kinds of industries. Although we have been able to win some very well-known and established brands as customers in the recent past, the majority of our customers are still young, fast-growing companies that are particularly dependent on setting up their logistics in such a way that they can easily grow with their business. A good example of this is the sports brand Gornation, which is now the market leader in calisthenics (training with your own body weight). There were just under two weeks between the first contact and the move to the new fulfillment center. With the new set-up, Gornation saves 20% on fixed costs every month.

Who would you like to do business with?
We don’t have one dream customer. Warehousing1 would like the good figures of the past year to continue to develop positively in 2022. We also specifically address larger customers who have outgrown their own logistics capacities as a result of the Corona boom.

What has been the most important finding since the start?
“Always expect the unexpected.” The Corona crisis has proven once again how important it is for a company to be able to act in an adaptable and agile manner. At that time, we completely converted the entire company to remote work within a week and in a very short time we put our full focus on the extremely fast-growing D2C business. We still benefit from this adaptability today.

Which success number are you particularly proud of?
There are several: In 2021 we have reached eight-digit sales figures and have almost doubled our income within the last four months. At the same time, we see that our customers are highly satisfied with our service despite the rapid growth: almost 90% of the customers we surveyed gave our performance a 9 or a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Which headline would you like to read about your start-up in a business newspaper in five years?
“How logistics start-up Warehousing1 became a tech giant”. We are investing very specifically in our technology and have the medium-term goal of establishing ourselves as a SaaS company (Software-as-a-Service) in the logistics sector. There is incredible potential for the future here, because fulfillment and logistics still have a lot of ground to make up in terms of digitization.

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