Sudanese and American sources.. This is what the Israeli delegation discussed yesterday in Khartoum

The visit of the Israeli delegation to Khartoum coincided with the arrival of an American delegation yesterday headed by Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, “Molly V”, and meetings were held with a number of political forces along with the Chairman of the Sovereign Council Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan in an effort to resolve the political crisis.

Khartoum – Sudanese and American sources revealed to Al Jazeera Net that the Israeli delegation – which visited Khartoum yesterday, Wednesday – discussed with Sudanese officials the situation in the country and security issues represented in limiting Iranian threats in the region.

An American source familiar with the visit of the Israeli delegation – whose arrival coincided with the visit of an American delegation – said that the discussions of the Sudanese and Israeli sides dealt with the situation of Sudan and “save it from the dangers and threats of Iranian cells” in the region, and Iran’s attempts to exploit the situation in Sudan to return and work to re-establish a foothold for it. In areas where it was previously located, after the Houthis threatened to expand their operations in the Red Sea.

This coincides with what Shimon Aran, the military affairs editor at Israel Radio, wrote on Twitter about the visit of the Israeli security delegation to Sudan, stressing that Israel hopes for a full normalization of diplomatic relations with Sudan, “but it seems that things are not moving forward. We hope that this will be achieved soon.”

And local media indicated that the visit of the two American-Israeli delegations discussed finding a safe exit for the President of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, but a high-ranking military in the Republican Palace absolutely denied this, and he told Al-Jazeera Net, “This is not the focus of discussion and will not be with whoever it was,” stressing that Power is not handed over except through elections, and this is a foregone conclusion with the army.

American delegation

It is noteworthy that the visit of the Israeli delegation to Khartoum coincided with the presence of an American delegation headed by Assistant Foreign Minister “Molly Fee”, which arrived in Khartoum yesterday and held meetings with the Professionals Association and a number of political forces. Sovereignty, President of the Revolutionary Front, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris.

The American source denied holding a tripartite meeting between him and the Israeli delegation with Sudanese military officials in Khartoum, saying, “What I know.” There was no official meeting with the American delegation, but the Israelis were aware of the discussions.

And the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said, on Wednesday night, that Washington’s representative to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield, asked Israel to “intervene in the Sudan crisis, and return to the transitional phase with civilian leadership.”

The authority indicated that Defense Minister Benny Gantz met, on Tuesday evening, with the US official who is visiting the region, and they discussed the Sudan crisis.

According to her, “the United States is pressuring Israel to form a government in Sudan and to end the military coup.”

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