These are Algeria’s chances to qualify for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon

The Algerian national team will play, Thursday evening, a decisive confrontation in the third round of the group stage of the African Nations Cup, in a search for qualification after a disappointing start, during which it scored a single point from two matches.

The Algerian team tied negatively in the first match against Sierra Leone, and lost against Equatorial Guinea in the second round with a single goal that ended a series that spanned 35 matches in which coach Jamal Belmadi’s cubs did not lose, and deprived the “Desert Warriors” of reaching the world record recorded in the name of Italy (35 games). ).

According to the African Nations Cup system, the teams that occupy the first and second places qualify, in addition to the best 4 teams occupying the third place in the six groups in the competition.

In this situation, the Algerian national team enters today’s match with one option, which is to win in order to guarantee qualification to the next round, because a tie or loss will eliminate all chances of passing to the next stage.

Ivory Coast is currently leading Group E with 4 points, and has officially qualified before entering the last round. Equatorial Guinea is second with 3 points, ahead of Sierra Leone with two points and Algeria with one point.

The victory will guarantee Algeria’s qualification for second place, with a head-to-head difference against Ivory Coast, if the other match in the group ends with the victory of Equatorial Guinea or Sierra Leone.

In the event that Algeria wins over Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone draws with Equatorial Guinea, the teams of Algeria, Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea will be equal with 4 points, to decide the direct confrontations between them, from first to third.

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