A recent study predicts more severe and widespread hurricanes during this century

An international research team led by scientists from Yale University in the United States concluded that the 21st century will witness an expansion in huge hurricanes that will reach the mid-latitudes of the globe, which includes major cities such as New York, Boston, Beijing and Tokyo.

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Whatsapp The new studyPublished in Nature Geoscience, the study team numerically simulated warm climates from Earth’s distant past over hundreds of thousands to millions of years.

In addition, they analyzed recent satellite data and a variety of weather and climate forecasts, based on the basic physics that govern atmospheric convection.

Hurricanes can migrate north and south in both hemispheres (Getty Images)

According to the study, simulations of warmer climates during the Eocene (56 to 34 million years ago) and the Pliocene (5.3 to 2.6 million years ago) showed that tropical cyclones formed and intensified at higher latitudes, contrary to what is currently usual, where those cyclones are formed Hurricanes are condensing around the equator.

Based on this data, the researchers conclude that hurricanes can migrate north and south in both hemispheres, where the planet is warming due to greenhouse gas emissions, which most scientists in the scope of climate change agree is caused by human activity.

Secret Storm Alpha

Whatsapp Official statement Issued by Yale University participating in the study, scientists from the Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the Department of Earth Sciences expect that the subtropical storm “Alpha” in 2020, which hit Portugal, and Hurricane Henry, which made landfall in the US state of Connecticut, were a manifestation of the storms moving north and south. .

Subtropical Storm Alpha was the first hurricane of this type ever observed to make landfall in mainland Portugal. September turned into a hurricane.

“Alpha” is the first hurricane of this type ever observed to make landfall in mainland Portugal (Getty Images)

On the other hand, it has been pointed out since the eighties of the last century that the warming of the planet will cause hurricanes to come with greater intensity and intensity than usual, the reason for this is the warming of the oceans, and hurricanes get their energy from the surface temperature of the ocean. more powerful.

Increases in hurricane intensity have already been observed over the past few decades, coinciding with the current decade being the hottest ever recorded in the history of measurement.

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