Foreign Policy: Biden’s new position on the Houthis will have humanitarian consequences

American Foreign Policy website (Foreign Policy) that the administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing to cancel a major foreign policy pledge, which is the pledge not to classify the Houthi group in Yemen as a “terrorist”. The site commented that this “retreat” is shocking.

The site said in a report To him, this decision would be a major reversal from Biden, who has made removing the designation under Trump one of his first major foreign policy moves.

The site indicated that NGOs and human rights organizations were protesting the classification because it impedes the flow of aid to the famine-torn country, where more than 20 million people need humanitarian aid and about 16 million people suffer from food insecurity, according to the World Food Program.

Huge humanitarian consequences

And Scott Paul, director of policy at Oxfam-America, was quoted as saying that Biden’s new position would have “enormous humanitarian consequences.”

The Biden administration rescinded the designation last year, despite Houthi attacks, to spare Yemenis rising food, fuel and health care prices. Rights groups have called for a renewed ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to continue flowing into the country.

The site indicated that this call comes at a time when it seems that the Houthis, who have long launched raids and smuggling weapons across the Persian Gulf, are strengthening their military power further.

On Monday, the Houthis targeted the UAE with advanced missiles and drones, which bombed Abu Dhabi International Airport and a state-owned oil facility, killing three people.

Saudi Arabia responded with air strikes on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The attack raised officials’ concern that the Houthis could be an increasingly Iranian proxy capable of unsettling US partners in the region.

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