Prices, categories and booking conditions.. All you need to know to buy tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Doha- At present, a number of questions are being raised regarding the purchase of tickets for the 2022 World Cup matches, after the International Football Association (FIFA) launched the first phase of ticket sales, which will continue until February 18.

If you are a fan of football around the world, you will likely have questions about the booking process, not only the traditional questions of how and how, but questions and concerns about determining the matches to be booked, with the tournament drawing not taking place and the qualified teams not being completed.

In this report, we shed light on the most prominent questions and concerns of fans who are planning to book tickets to attend the World Cup finals in Qatar from November 21 to December 18.

FIFA offered one million random tickets in the first stages of sale (Al-Jazeera)

What is the official place to sell Qatar World Cup tickets?

The official ticket portal ( is the exclusive digital sales channel for the general public, where all tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup are available.

Are there other channels to buy Qatar World Cup tickets?

Do not buy tickets from any unauthorized place of sale, no other website than ( has the right to sell tickets, and be sure that everything else is illegal sales channels. Tickets purchased through unauthorized sales channels are not valid.

How can I apply for a ticket?

The Official Ticket Portal ( is the exclusive digital selling channel for tickets to the general public, and you must create a FIFA Tickets account with complete and accurate information in order to apply for tickets.

How old do I have to be to apply for tickets?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

When can I apply for tickets?

You have the opportunity to apply now, as there are 3 sales phases in the Qatar World Cup: the first is the random raffle sales phase, which has already started on January 19, and the second is the “first come first buys first” sales phase, which starts after the World Cup draw is held at the end of March/ Next March, the third stage of last-minute sales, “first come first buy”.

What’s next after I apply for tickets during the random selection sales period?

If you apply for tickets in the first phase of the random drawing, you will wait for the random drawing, and if the lottery selects you, you will be provided with information in order to pay for the ticket.

But if you apply for tickets in the second and third stages, you can enter the ticket portal directly and choose the one that suits you according to its availability and pay the price immediately to secure it.

What happens if my ticket request is inaccurate or incomplete?

The request will be rejected, and if this is discovered after the request is confirmed, FIFA has the right to cancel the ticket.

Can I cancel or amend my order to purchase tickets?

In the two Random Draw sales phases, you can cancel or modify your ticket order before this phase of sales closes, but you cannot cancel or modify your ticket order after the Random Sale phase closes.

What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?

You can apply for 6 tickets per match and a maximum of 60 tickets can be purchased per postal address. This rule applies regardless of whether you want a single match ticket, team ticket, series tickets, or any other ticket product.

Can I apply for tickets for more than one match per day?

During the first sales stage, it is not permissible to apply for different tickets for more than one match to be played on the same day, but it will only be possible after the final drawing of the World Cup, subject to the rules of compatibility that will be indicated by the FIFA Ticketing Agency.

Al Bayt Stadium will witness the opening match with a capacity of 60,000 fansAl-Bayt Stadium will witness the opening match with a capacity of 60,000 fans (Al-Jazeera)

What types of tickets are available to the general public?

3 types of tickets are available:

  • First: Single match tickets that allow you to attend any of the 64 matches of the tournament.
  • the second: Team ticket packages, which allow you to follow the matches of your favorite team throughout the tournament, i.e. from the group stage to the final, and the package may be 3 matches during the group stage, 4 matches until the price of the final, or 7 matches until the final match.
  • Third: A package of 4 tickets for 4 different stadiums, which enables fans to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup in Qatar’s World Cup stadiums.

What are the prices of the three ticket packages?

The prices of the different ticket packages are divided into different categories, in addition to tickets for people with special needs. The prices of a single match package range between 220 and 1606 dollars for the first category, or 165 and 1002 for the second category, or 69 and 604 for the third, or 11 and 206 for the fourth, according to the match chosen in tournament.

While the prices of a single team match package ranged between 725 and 4,314 dollars for the first category, or 544 and 2,915 for the second category, or 227 and 1616 for the third category, according to the chosen team.

As for the third package for attending 4 matches in 4 different stadiums, the prices of the first category ranged between 879 and 1277 dollars, or 659 and 934 for the second category, or 275 and 508 for the third category, according to the selected stadiums.

Do I have to choose my national team to be able to apply for a ticket package for that team?

No, you can choose any team package you want.

Does the 7-match team package include the final match?

Yes, the 7-match ticket package for any team includes a ticket to the final match, regardless of whether the team of your choice arrives there.

Stadium 974Tickets available in 4 categories to suit different financial capabilities (Al-Jazeera)

What happens to my team’s ticket package if they are eliminated from the first round?

If your team is eliminated from the competition, and your series includes upcoming rounds, your product (Team Ticket Package) will remain valid for the next round or rounds played by a team other than your previously selected team.

I bought a ticket package for my national team, what happens if it does not qualify for the World Cup finals in Qatar?

If the national team you have chosen does not qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, FIFA will refund your money after deducting an administrative fee of 40 Qatari riyals (about $11).

What categories of tickets are available for the Qatar World Cup?

There are 4 categories of World Cup tickets:

  • First: They are the most expensive, and are in distinct areas inside the stadium.
  • The second and third categories: They are outside the first category area.
  • Fourth category: It is outside the areas of the previous three categories, which are the least expensive, and will be exclusively for Qataris and residents of the State of Qatar.

Are there tickets for each match for the disabled and for people with reduced mobility?

There are 4 types of disabled tickets, which are: Wheelchair User Ticket, Express Access, Standard Accessibility Ticket, and Accessibility Ticket with Extra Offer.

What is the currency of buying tickets?

All tickets are sold in Qatari riyals, whether for residents of Qatar or for residents outside it.

Are there discounted ticket prices for children?

No, ticket prices apply to adults and children, age does not make any difference in the price of the ticket.

Can I cancel the tickets I have purchased after receiving the confirmation?

No, because ticket sales are final, and the ticket holder cannot cancel the purchase or return any tickets for any reason after FIFA Tickets has successfully processed the payment for the ticket(s), including for reasons beyond the owner’s control. the demand.

Can the FIFA Ticket Center cancel tickets after I have purchased them?

Yes, the “FIFA Ticket Center” may cancel any number of tickets assigned to its holder without prior notice in the event of a breach of the conditions of selling tickets to the general public via the Internet, or if the Center determines that the ticket applicant or one of its guests has violated the terms of use of tickets or the Code of Conduct of the stadium.

Can I give or sell my ticket to anyone?

You may not offer, sell, auction, assign, transfer or attempt to transfer Tickets, or engage a third party to facilitate or solicit offers of ticket transfers under any circumstances, whether on paper or online You may not use or attempt to use it to advertise or promote an incentive program, offer to win sweepstakes or contests, make it a gift or random raffle prize, or make it part of a hotel package, flight, travel or other commercial purpose, except as It is authorized in writing by the FIFA Ticket Center.

Will there be any safety procedures and protocols to follow regarding COVID-19?

In order to try to reduce infection with the Covid-19 virus, FIFA can impose rules and protocols on ticket holders that prevent them from attending matches if they do not agree and abide by them, and the “FIFA Ticket Center” will inform all ticket holders via e-mail of the rules and protocols that apply in This framework, and ticket holders will not be entitled to any refund or benefit from any compensation if they are unable or unwilling to comply with these rules and protocols.

Can I arrive in Qatar from my country of residence in light of the global COVID-19 situation?

In light of the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the host country will provide the necessary guarantees to protect the health and safety of all participants in the competition, and all attendees must follow the travel instructions issued by the State of Qatar and the directives issued by the Ministry of Public Health, and will provide on the FIFA website additional information about safety measures related to the virus. Corona.

Do I need to obtain documents other than the ticket to be able to enter the Qatar World Cup stadiums?

Yes, at the request of the Qatari authorities, as everyone who wants to attend the World Cup matches is required to obtain a “Haya” card (a fan card), and the Qatari government is solely responsible for processing all requests for “Haya” cards, and FIFA is not responsible for its request or issuance or use it, please check the “FIFA Ticket Center” regularly for the latest developments related to this card.

What is the Haya card?

The “Haya” card gives your entry permit to the State of Qatar, as you will need it to enter the stadiums (along with your match ticket), and transportation for free during match days, and it also provides you with a series of advantages that you can take advantage of.

When can I apply for the Haya card?

You can apply for a “Haya” card starting next March, and to submit the application you will need: a valid Qatari identity card if you are Qatari or residing in the State of Qatar, and a valid passport if you are a fan coming from outside the State of Qatar. Children under the age of 14 will need a parent or legal representative to apply for a Haya card on their behalf.

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