Sisi: Give me 50 billion dollars and I will allow the demonstration

Video duration 25 minutes 19 seconds

An episode of the “Above Power” program (21/1/2022) dealt with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s demand for the West to pay 50 billion dollars annually to the Egyptian state treasury, in order to allow Egyptians to demonstrate.

In his meeting with foreign journalists – on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum in Sharm el-Sheikh – the Egyptian president said that the Egyptian people want to eat, not demonstrate, calling on countries and organizations that demand the right to demonstrate to give the Egyptian people food and medicine before they demand their freedom.

Al-Sisi wondered whether the West loves the Egyptian people and fears for them more than the president and his government, stressing that he is ready at the same time to hold elections every year, with the countries demanding freedom paying the price for it, stressing at the same time that the will of the people is the criterion to which he is appealed, and in If the people ask him to leave, he will implement that immediately, he says.

The episode also addressed the following topics:

  • The Houthis bomb Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi reserves the right to respond.
  • Iranian Guards assassinate Donald Trump in a cartoon.
  • George Nader admits, and the US judiciary accuses the UAE.
  • Tunisian police arrest an informant by mistake, and an Israeli soldier kills two officers.
  • In Germany, a Syrian officer was imprisoned for life, and the trial of the butcher doctor began.
  • Director of Moral Guidance at Haftar admits military defeats.

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