“Syrian Democratic Forces” kill and arrest dozens of ISIS members after attacking a prison in Hasaka

The Syrian Democratic Forces said that they had killed 23 members of the “Islamic State” organization in clashes after the organization attacked “Ghweran” prison in Al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria, on Thursday. The attack came as the organization sought to release a number of its detained members.

A military source in the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said today, Friday, that 7 of its members and an allied security force called “Asayish” were killed in the attack launched by the organization, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the clashes between the two sides left 18 Syrian forces dead. Democracy (Asayish and prison guards), and 16 ISIS.

The SDF, whose backbone is the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, said it had arrested 89 ISIS members during the ongoing clashes inside and outside the prison they run.

trying to escape

Today, Friday, the Syrian Democratic Forces stated that they had “thwarted a mass escape attempt carried out by the organization’s mercenaries” in Ghweran prison, after a first attack carried out by the organization’s elements yesterday evening, Thursday, and detonated two car bombs, and the – unusual attack – led to the escape of a number of prisoners.

A statement by the forces – which controls most of northeastern Syria – stated that “the cells of the terrorist organization, which take trenches from the homes of civilians in the Al-Zohour neighborhood, are shooting intensively in an attempt to send messages of hope to the detainees inside the prison.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Syrian Democratic Forces sent reinforcements to the prison, and imposed a security cordon around the area, and it is one of the largest prisons where ISIS fighters are being held.

International Alliance

The observatory pointed out that planes of the international coalition led by Washington flew over the prison and threw flares to support the prison guards, at a time when machine guns bombed separate locations in its vicinity. neighborhoods near the prison.

This is the second time since last December that ISIS has attacked Ghweran prison, in an attempt to release prisoners from its members.

Despite the expulsion of ISIS from most of the lands it controlled in Syria since 2019, its cells continue to carry out attacks in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian regime.

And US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said last year that 10,000 ISIS fighters were still being held in camps run by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which controls most of the province of Hasaka.

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