Amid widespread praise, a Palestinian architect redesigns the “Qalandia Crossing” to simulate her hope after the liberation

Al-Barghouti presented a group of designs that became called “Qalandia Gallery” as part of her graduation project, as she designed it in the form of a huge building that includes a place for sports and games, a space for buying and selling, as well as agriculture.

The 22-year-old architect, Saja Al-Barghouti, chose to be her graduation project on “recycling the Qalandia Crossing after the liberation,” as she turned it from a source of suffering into a new hope brimming with life.

Al-Barghouti, a student at Al-Quds University, presented a set of designs for the Qalandia Crossing after the liberation, which became called the “Qalandia Gallery” as part of her graduation project.

The father of the engineer, Palestinian Professor Imad Al-Barghouti, Professor of Space Physics at Al-Quds University, said in a Facebook post, “This graduation project aims to address the colonial architecture abandoned after the liberation, and redirect this architecture to contain social cultural functions that narrate in its contents the black history that has passed.” .

Activists widely circulated photos of the graduation project presented by Barghouti, celebrating her awareness and this idea, which expresses great hope for liberation.

Others saw that these ideas confirm that the modern generation is certain that liberation is inevitably coming, and that no matter how time passes, generations are becoming more and more attached to their homelands day after day, and the occupation will not be able to destroy this national attachment and bond.

It is noteworthy that Qalandia Crossing is an Israeli military checkpoint located near the town of Qalandia (south of Ramallah) in the West Bank. It is considered one of the most overcrowded and humiliating Israeli checkpoints, and is a source of suffering for many Palestinian people by obstructing their movements, waiting for long hours and subjecting to humiliating inspections.

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