Biodiesel from leftovers saves 90% CO2 – and is not allowed in Germany

HVO100 consists of 100 percent renewable raw materials, which are not used directly for fuel production. They take a detour via the kitchen and end up in production in the form of leftovers. It can hardly be more sustainable, compared to fossil diesel, HVO100 even saves 90 percent of CO2. In Germany, the product is still on the extended waiting list, if not on the launch list.

Green refueling: an important topic of our time

Biodiesel with a very similar structure to fossil diesel

The fuel HVO100 is obtained by hydrodesulfurization of vegetable and partly also of animal fats. The result is a biodiesel that has a very similar structure to the fossil model. That’s why it can completely replace regular diesel without the need for technical modifications to the car. However, you cannot officially fill up with this fuel, although many manufacturers have tested this product and found it to be good, the Federal Environment Agency does not issue any approval.

It doubts the sustainability because palm oil could possibly be contained in the fuel. Huge palm oil plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia are crowding out the diverse native nature as monocultures. In Indonesia alone, these plantations cover approximately 18 million hectares, which roughly corresponds to the state of Saxony.

The fuel is now and then to be had »on hand«

However, if palm oil is contained in the products, this usually comes from the said leftovers and is therefore already in circulation anyway. The climate-protecting fuel is still being slowed down further, so that diesel owners like 33-year-old Moritz Dohm drive 40 kilometers to fill up to get the fuel of their choice. He reports that the engine runs better, the car starts easier and runs cleaner. At least one medium-sized gas station operator disregards the sales ban and supplies its customers with the coveted fuel. He says: “Somebody has to start first.”


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