Corona .. a new sub-mutator raises concern in several countries, and American studies confirm the importance of the booster dose

A new mutation of the Corona virus (Covid-19) is causing concern in several countries, including Britain and Denmark, and while US studies have confirmed the importance of the booster dose, Beijing is adhering to the Covid-19 emergency with the approach of the Winter Games.

The Health Security Agency in Britain stated that it is in the process of studying and monitoring a sub-strain of the “Omicron” mutant, called “BA2”.

The authority said that infections with the new strain were recorded in the United Kingdom, but rates are still low.

Regarding the branched strain, the Center for Infectious Diseases Research in Denmark stated that studies and research are being conducted on the feasibility of vaccines and others, but he did not notice any differences regarding hospitalizations due to infection with the new branched strain so far.

And in the United States, 3 studies conducted by the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that booster doses of the “Pfizer” and “BioNTech” vaccines proved 90% effective in preventing hospitalization from Omicron, and that people who received The booster doses had higher levels of protection, compared to those who got two doses or didn’t get vaccinated.

France’s troubles

In France, the American Johns Hopkins University said that more than 400,000 cases of the Corona virus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

In the meantime, the permissibility of vaccination continues to cast a shadow over the scene in France, which is living today on the impact of demonstrations in Paris and other cities, refusing to adopt it.

Al-Jazeera correspondent Lutfi Al-Masoudi reported that the authorities deployed a large number of security forces in Al-Jumhuriya Square, where the demonstrators are expected to go to protest the measures, and they see that they paralyze their social life.

The Constitutional Council had approved most of the provisions of the controversial vaccination passport bill, including checking the identity of customers in cafes and restaurants, to ensure that the identity matches the holder of the vaccination passport against the Corona virus.

On the other hand, members of the Constitutional Council rejected the possibility of political festival organizers requesting this permit from their participants.

Hong Kong warning

In Hong Kong, health officials warned Saturday that the spread of the COVID-19 disease in the city was worsening with an increase in suspected infections in a crowded residential area.

Health officials confirmed that about 26 confirmed infections and more than 100 injuries classified as initially positive were recorded today, Saturday, in 3 buildings in the Kwai Chung district (northern of the Kowloon Peninsula).

And last Tuesday, officials ordered the culling of about two thousand hamsters (a type of rodent) in dozens of stores that sell pets, after the spread of the virus, which was found to be originally due to the infection of a worker in one of these stores, and then it was found that 11 hamsters were infected with the disease.

Beijing and the Winter Games

In the Chinese capital, Beijing, the authorities urged all its regions today, Saturday, to maintain a “total alert status” while the city continues to record new local infections with the Corona virus, less than two weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics.

An official with the Center for Disease Control in Beijing – called Pang Xinghu – said in a press conference today, Saturday, that 27 cases were transmitted locally and showed symptoms, while 5 asymptomatic cases have been monitored in the capital since January 15.

Cities across China have imposed stricter restrictions in recent weeks; In an effort to control any new spread of COVID-19, a move that has taken on added importance as Beijing prepares to host the Winter Olympics at the beginning of next month.

And many cities advised residents to stay in their places and not move, and also asked those coming to them to report their trips days before their arrival.

And the National Health Committee of China announced – earlier today, Saturday – that 63 new confirmed cases of the Corona virus were recorded yesterday, Friday, down from 73 the previous day.

Record numbers

As for Russia, the government team in charge of combating the Covid-19 pandemic said that the country recorded today, Saturday, a new record increase in infections in the past 24 hours, with the spread of the mutant Omicron throughout the country.

Daily injuries jumped to 57,212, from 49,513 the day before, and 681 deaths were also recorded.

In the Japanese capital, Tokyo, the authorities recorded today, Saturday, the highest number of daily infections with Covid-19 for the fourth consecutive day, with the rapid spread of the mutated omicron continued.

The local administration said that the city detected 11,227 injuries, a day after re-imposing restrictions on travel and commercial activity, which will continue until February 13.

The new number represents more than double the number that was recorded a week ago at 4,561 injuries, and it is also higher than the number recorded yesterday, which is 9,699 confirmed cases.

The Tokyo administration said that 3 deaths and 12 cases of severe symptoms were also recorded on Saturday.

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