For security reasons, the UAE stops flying drones and sports for a month

The UAE Ministry of Interior said that it decided to stop flying all drones and light sports for a month, starting today, Saturday.

This ban comes after the killing of 3 civilians and wounding of 6 others in an attack launched by the Yemeni Houthi movement on several targets in the UAE last Monday, using missiles and drones.

And the UAE Ministry of Interior warned – in a statement posted on Twitter – amateurs and practitioners of sport plane rides and owners of drones that coordination with the authorities should be “to avoid the practices that it described as wrong that were recently monitored.”

The ministry confirmed that anyone who operates any flight operations or practices any of these activities and does not comply with the instructions issued during the specified period will expose himself to legal accountability.

The UAE Ministry of Interior stated that the decision came against the background of what it described as the erroneous practices that were monitored recently, of non-compliance with the practice of this sport in the geographical areas that were identified with the permits issued to users, where the areas where it is not allowed to practice this sport have been used.

The ministry called on the community to abide by its instructions and those of the General Civil Aviation Authority, in order to preserve the safety of lives, property and the atmosphere from the wrong and unsafe use of this hobby.

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