Has the International Court of Justice canceled all forms of vaccination for Corona and prosecuted the director of Pfizer?

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Has the International Court of Justice canceled all forms of vaccination for Corona and the World Health Organization protocol and prosecuted the director of Pfizer? What is the best strategy to stop the spread of corona and avoid the emergence of new mutant such as Omicron? And why Hong Kong cull small pets? The answers are in this report with good news from America.

Has the International Court of Justice canceled all forms of vaccination for Corona and the World Health Organization protocol and prosecuted the director of Pfizer?

Social media and WhatsApp users transmitted a message saying, “Long live justice, long live justice. The International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled to cancel all forms of vaccination, manufacture and sale, and cancel the health protocol of the World Health Organization, and put several personalities under international legal prosecution, including the Director General of Pfizer on charges of genocide.” Collectivism… Britain is the first to initiate immediate implementation… For the skeptics, the court’s official website link

We at Al Jazeera Net verified the news, and it turned out to be completely false.

A picture of the fake news from a Facebook page (we added a “false claim” for confirmation)

First, the International Court of Justice, its official website is No decision has been made on that. Returning to the Court’s website to the latest decisions section (LATEST DECISIONS) The latest order was issued on December 7, 2021 under the title “Implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Armenia v. Azerbaijan)”.

Secondly, when you return to the false news, and click on the link in it, it will take you to a sub-page on a site called “”, which contains the false allegations, and this site is not related to the International Justice Organization or any international organization. From our browsing, it appears that the site is Australian, and it has a page for the United Kingdom, from which you enter a page for Canada, but it does not work.

The false statement was signed by a person named Kevin Annette, under the name “The International Common Law” (ICLCJ) (Court of Justice), and according to a previous verification report conducted by Reuters It is not a legally recognized body, and it was invented by Kevin Annette, a former priest who was removed from office in 1997 for spreading conspiracy theories, Reuters reported. Reports.

Al-Mandhari: To stop the spread of Corona and avoid the emergence of new mutations, high levels of vaccination must be achieved

On January 13, he said: WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari Despite the impressive progress made in developing effective tools for pandemic prevention and control, such as vaccines and treatments, we are still seeing increasing numbers of infected people, many of whom are dying of this disease.

As of January 8, the Eastern Mediterranean Region has reported about 17.5 million confirmed cases of “Covid-19”, and more than 317,000 deaths.

He added, “It is almost certain that the highly infectious Omicron mutant has caused this alarming increase in cases… With the number of infected people increasing, we must prepare to face the worst-case scenario. Omicron appears to cause less severe disease compared to the Delta mutant, especially in those who have received vaccines. , but that certainly does not mean that we should underestimate it, because it still leads to hospitalization and death. It is expected that more countries in the Region will report the emergence of the Omicron mutant, and we have to take it very seriously.”

Al-Mandhari said, “As we approach the third year of the pandemic, we are still fighting a full-fledged battle against this virus, despite new tools such as vaccines and treatments. But the inequity in the distribution of vaccines, the reluctance to take them and the low levels of commitment to public health and social measures have given “The virus is an opportunity to advance again. In order to beat it, we must continue to expand the measures that we know work, regardless of the mutation.”

Al-Mandhari stressed that, “to stop the spread of the virus and avoid the emergence of new mutations, we still need to achieve herd immunity by reaching high levels of vaccination.”

He said, “Despite the emergence of new mutations, vaccines are still an effective and vital tool in preventing severe morbidity and death, including what is caused by Omicron. We have seen that some countries have started introducing booster doses, and our position on this is clear. We are not against booster doses, It’s against unfairness, and our goal is to protect the vulnerable. People who are most at risk of severe disease should be vaccinated with full doses before giving booster doses to those who are less likely to get sick. And there is no doubt that giving booster doses to those at high risk should be considered, as this can save more lives more than giving initial doses to those at low risk.

sub-mutant of omicron

Scientists are studying a sub-mutant of omicron that appeared weeks ago. It is called “BA.2” and has been observed in many countries of the world, especially in Europe.

“What we know at the moment is somewhat consistent with the characteristics we know about Omicron,” French Health Minister Olivier Veran announced, and “the equation does not change” at this stage.

However, some data from this sub-mutator draws attention, as it has become prevalent in Denmark where the number of daily cases has rebounded a few days ago.

Hong Kong warns against obstructing cull pets

The Hong Kong government on Friday warned local animal lovers not to block the cull hundreds of small animals that were launched after hamsters kept in a pet store were infected with COVID-19.

And the authorities ordered the killing of about 2,000 small animals, including hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas and piglets, as a “precautionary measure”, after a positive case of “Covid-19” was recorded in the “Little Boss” animal store. After the 22nd of December to hand it over.

Good news from America

Coronavirus cases are declining in the regions most affected by the rapidly spreading omeron in the United States, according to a Reuters analysis of public health data, while this is an early indication that the virus is declining again.

An analysis of the past week until Wednesday, compared to the previous week, showed that “Covid-19” infections decreased in 15 states, as well as Washington and Puerto Rico.

In the Northeast, which has seen some of the highest infection rates in the latest wave, infections are down 36% on a weekly basis.

“This certainly bodes well in terms of the Omicron pathway,” said Wafa Al-Sadr, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at Columbia University in New York.

The decline in infections in areas that were most affected by the Omicron mutation opens a window of hope for overcoming the crisis, but injuries are still high in large parts of the United States.

At the country level, the average daily cases is still high at 765 injuries per day, but it is less than 805,000 on January 15.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies + Reuters + World Health Organization + Social Media

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