In response to a German deputy’s message.. the German Foreign Ministry: We are closely monitoring human rights in Bahrain

German Member of Parliament Martina Engelhardt Kopf sent a letter to the German Foreign Ministry regarding the human rights situation in Bahrain, and the situation of political prisoner Abdul Jalil Al-Singace.

The German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Tobias Lindner, responded to the letter by saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin and the German embassy in Manama are closely monitoring the human rights situation in Bahrain, especially the conditions of detention of human rights activists and opponents, as is the case with Abdul Jalil Al-Singace.

The German Minister of State made it clear that human rights issues in general and special cases are addressed during talks with the Bahraini government.

The German Foreign Ministry added that it will address the protection of human rights in Bahrain in future bilateral talks, and will demand commitment to human rights obligations.

Al-Singace was arrested after dozens of policemen stormed his home in the capital, Manama, on March 17, 2011, after he published articles on the Internet criticizing the human rights situation in Bahrain, the persecution of political opponents, and sectarian discrimination. He has been on a hunger strike since July 8, 2021. To protest against ill-treatment, and to demand that his academic paper, which he prepared in prison, be returned after its confiscation.

It is noteworthy that 27 international human rights organizations appealed a few days ago to a number of international leaders to intervene with the Manama authorities for the “immediate” and “unconditional” release of the academic, blogger and political activist Abdul Jalil Al-Singace.

The organizations indicated – in a letter addressed to leaders of several countries, including US President Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – that “the prolonged and arbitrary confiscation of Dr. Al-Singace’s book is an unfair punishment, and the Bahraini authorities must ensure the protection of his rights, including restoring his intellectual property and resuming video calls.” weekly with his family.

The organizations – including Amnesty International and the European Center for Democracy and Human Rights – also called on international leaders to “demand the immediate and unconditional release of Dr. Al-Singace and the immediate handover of his work to his family,” as well as to demand the release of “all those imprisoned for exercising their right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly.” opinion and expression, including human rights defenders, opposition activists and journalists.

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