Release already 2024? Google wants to develop its own AR glasses

The American technology portal The Verge has exciting news: Google is said to be working behind the scenes on its own headset for augmented reality. Merging reality with the real world is what the Facebook group Meta currently wants and is therefore pumping 10 billion euros into AR and VR every year. Will Google now enter the big race?

Google’s AR glasses are expected to hit the market in 2024

Interner Codename: Project Iris

The data glasses Google Glass were more of a belly flop at the time, but now Project Iris is starting, an AR headset that is supposed to stand up to Meta and Apple. The designation is not official, it should be an internal code name. According to Verge, the new device could already be on the market in 2024 – if nothing comes up. The information appears to have come from two people familiar with the development project. 300 people are working on it, led by Clay Bavor, but this is just the beginning. The staff will grow soon.

»Ski goggles« with integrated power source

The AR headset is said to be equipped with outward-facing cameras that capture images of the real world in order to then merge them with virtual reality look as pale as possible against it. The first prototypes are said to look like ski goggles, the power source is integrated. The device is powered by Google’s Tensor processor, the operating system is currently still Android, but only for the transition. Various job postings indicate that Google is working on a new system, especially for AR headsets. Some of the computing processes should run in the cloud instead of on the device, which saves energy and lets the battery last much longer.

The product name Google Glass will probably remain in the mothball box, with too many negative memories associated with it. So a whole new attempt has started, hopefully this time with a much better result.


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