The death of the Syrian director of “Bab Al-Hara” Bassam Al-Mulla

Today, Saturday, the Syndicate of Artists in Syria mourned the director Bassam Al Mulla, who is considered one of the most prominent directors in the history of Syrian drama.

The Syndicate of Artists in Syria – Damascus Branch published the obituary on its Facebook page, and said, “The Damascus Branch of the Artists Syndicate mourns the death of fellow artist Bassam Al-Mulla, and we will inform you later of the dates of burial and condolences.”

Local media, including “Cham FM Radio”, stated that Mullah died this morning, Saturday, at the age of 66, while those sources did not explain the cause of death.

Bassam Al Mulla, born on February 13, 1956, is a Syrian director who directed the most famous Syrian series “Bab Al Hara”, which spanned over 11 seasons. Al Mulla belongs to a well-established artistic family. His father, actor Adham Al Mulla, and his brothers, directors Moamen and Bashar Al Mulla, actor Muayyad Al Mulla, and his two sons Adham and Shams Al Mulla, who co-starred in the “Bab Al Hara” series.

In addition to Bab Al-Hara, Al-Mulla directed other famous series such as Layali Al-Salihiya, Al-Ababeed and Qandeel Ramadan (communication sites).

Al-Mulla directed other series that were successful, such as: Layali Al-Salihiya, Gate of History, Al-Ababid, Ramadan Lanterns, Diwan Al-Arab, and Flags of the Arabs.

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