Tips for accepting your file in the Turkish Scholarship.. Here are the application requirements

Those wishing to apply for the scholarship are required to submit training certificates, participation in volunteer work and conferences, and recommendations from professors in master’s and doctoral programs.

The Turkish Scholarships has opened the doors to apply for international students from all over the world, to study in its universities with full funding from the government for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, whether masters or doctorate.

And because the application is during a limited period each year, and the competition in it is great, and because the application needs a language, whether Turkish or English, we have collected for you the basic information about the application dates, the most important conditions and requirements necessary for it, as well as what is covered by the available grants, and the fields of study from Turkish Scholarships Official Website.

When can I apply for the Turkish Scholarships?

receive Turkish Scholarship Programs (Türkiye Bursları) Applications since January 10, 2022, and will continue to receive until February 20, for all scholarship programs.

What are the advantages of the Turkish scholarship?

Turkish scholarships provide international students with the opportunity to study in Turkey for bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programs, and the government covers full university expenses throughout the years of study, and also provides an opportunity to study the Turkish language for a year before starting the study program.

It also gives the opportunity to obtain a student residence permit throughout the years of study, in addition to covering the grant for airline tickets to come to Turkey and return to the mother country again after the end of the study, with the provision of university housing, and health insurance services in Turkish government hospitals.

The scholarship allocates monthly salaries to students according to the field of study, providing 1,000 Turkish lira for bachelor students, 1,400 lira for master’s students, and 1,800 lira for doctoral students per month.

Turkish scholarship programs continue to receive applications until February 20 (Getty Images)

What are the criteria for applying for Turkish scholarships?

A minimum academic achievement is required. For applicants to bachelor’s programs, their high school average must not be less than 70%, while the achievement rate is required to be 75% for graduates applying for master’s and doctoral programs. Some specializations also require a higher rate, with the highest rate reaching 90%. in health sciences disciplines such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

as there is Standards Regarding the ages of the applicants, they are:

  • For undergraduate programs: Be under 21 years old (born in 2001).
  • For master’s programmes: Be under 30 years old (born in 1992).
  • For PhD programmes: The age is less than 35 years (born in 1987).
  • For research grant: Be under 45 years old (born in 1977).

Citizens of all countries of the world can apply for the Turkish scholarship, provided that the applicant is not a holders of Turkish citizenship or those who carried it, and current Turkish university students are not entitled to apply for any of the scholarship programs.

What are the requirements to apply for Turkish scholarships?

All applicants must Turkish Scholarship Programs Attach the following files:

  • A valid identity document, identity card or passport.
  • Photo taken within the last year (with white or blue background).
  • Transcript of grades for the last academic stage (if any).
  • Diploma or temporary graduation certificate (Original copy).
  • Results of an international or Turkish qualification certificate (GRE- GMAT – SAT, etc.) (if any).
  • International language test results such as TOEFL and DELF if requested by the chosen university or programme.
  • A proposal for a research topic, and a written example of your research (only for PhD applications).

Those wishing to apply for the scholarship are required to submit training certificates, participation in volunteer work, seminars or conferences, recommendations from professors in master’s and doctoral programs, in addition to a letter of motivation or motivation behind the application, and a copy of the curriculum vitae.

It is noted that some majors may require a language certificate, although many programs in Turkish universities are taught in Turkish, because some departments and universities teach in English or other languages. In general, all Turkish scholarship holders who do not possess a C1 level certificate of Turkish proficiency (including applicants in English language programmes), must attend a one-year Turkish language course and obtain a C1 level certificate by the end of the academic year. .

Nagwan Lithy - Study in Northern Europe is free and you may get paid for your work at university (Pixabay) - Your chance for free education in Europe with university studies with accommodationApplications for Turkish scholarships are considered based on the candidate’s academic excellence (Pixabay)

Steps to apply for Turkish scholarships

  • Create a profile on Turkish Scholarships website.
  • Upload all required files that prove your personal and professional information, such as identity documents, test results, training and recommendation certificates.
  • Choose a list of universities and programs you would like to apply to.
  • Write a letter of motivation and motivation behind your application for the scholarship, explaining your preferences, expectations and goals.
  • After creating the file and filling in the list of universities and programs, confirm sending your file.

Regarding the documents you upload, it is important to make sure that they are clearly illustrated with all the information in your native language, and do not need to be translated, as the scholarship team has specialized translators.

And if you have previously applied for the Turkish scholarship and were not lucky, you can re-amend your data, add to it, and apply again as long as the conditions apply to you.

How is selection made in Turkish scholarships?

according to turkish scholarship websiteApplications for Turkish Scholarships are considered depending on the candidate’s academic excellence, social activities in which he has participated, and motivations related to his chosen field of application.

The evaluation goes through 4 stages, which are:

First evaluation stage: In it, all applications are screened against basic criteria, such as minimum academic achievement, age limits for each educational level, and completion of required documents.

Expert assessment stage: Applications from qualified candidates are considered by a panel of experts, who scrutinize various criteria such as academic status, previous qualifications, academic interests, professional goals, content of the letter of intent, participation in the applicants’ social activities, to select the final list of eligible candidates for interview.

Conducting the interview: Shortlisted candidates from more than 100 countries are interviewed by interview panels of academics and experts for a duration of between 15 to 30 minutes. In interviews, certificates and documents submitted are often checked, so it is important to prepare them, and applicants are asked about their goals, academic achievement, and career goals.

Final evaluation and selection stage: The results of interviews with applicants are evaluated to select those accepted into the Turkish scholarships.

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