To avoid facing an Israeli competitor, Kuwaiti Al-Awadi withdraws from an international tennis tournament held in the Emirates

The Kuwaiti tennis player, Muhammad Al-Awadi, was widely praised on social media, after he withdrew, yesterday, from facing an Israeli player, in the semi-finals of the International Professional Championship, under the age of 14, currently being held in the Emirate of Dubai, in the UAE.

Kuwaiti media reported that Al-Awadi succeeded in winning and advancing to the semi-finals of the tournament, but as soon as he learned of the Israeli player’s confrontation, the Kuwaiti player decided to withdraw and not participate in front of him.

This withdrawal aroused the admiration of Kuwaiti and Arab activists, as a large number of them praised the young man’s decision, and the principles firmly established in him despite his young age.

Kuwaiti writer and media figure Saadia Mufreh Al-Awadi congratulated him for what he did, while Kuwaiti singers saluted the young man, calling for his honor in his country.

On the Arab level, Palestinian writer and political analyst Yasser Al-Zaatrah said in a tweet on his personal account on Twitter, today, Saturday, addressing Al-Awadi, “A kiss on your forehead, you wonderful boy, I slapped you in the faces of the invaders is stronger than any other slap. I told them that Palestine is in the hearts of the sons of Palestine.” the nation; they carry it from generation to generation.”

As for the Egyptian journalist Wael Kandil, he wrote, “The great Arab, the Kuwaiti player Mohammed Al-Awadi (14 years), who decided to withdraw from an international tennis competition in Dubai so as not to contaminate his history, which did not start, by meeting a Zionist player.”

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