Washington sends military aid to Ukraine, Blinken and Lavrov meet again to continue talks

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The US Embassy in Ukraine said that the first shipment of aid authorized by President Joe Biden had arrived in Ukraine, while US-Russian talks in Geneva on the crisis were concluded without any progress.

And the US embassy added – in two tweets on Twitter – that this shipment includes military aid that includes ammunition.

She pointed out that this cargo and previous US aid since 2014, “reflects the US commitment to supporting Ukraine so that it can strengthen its defenses”, in the face of what Washington calls the increasing Russian aggression.

Defense One also quoted two US officials as saying that the United States is expected to deliver more defense equipment to Ukraine, to counter the Russian escalation on the border.

According to a National Security Council statement, according to the site, Biden authorized the transfer of US military equipment to Washington’s allies to Ukraine.

A State Department spokesperson told Defense One that Biden also agreed to disburse $200 million in additional support to meet Ukraine’s emergency defense needs.

Strengthening the military presence

In the same context, CNN reported that the US Department of Defense is preparing a set of options to strengthen the US military presence in Eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukrainian territory, with the aim of reassuring Washington’s allies.

CNN quoted a Defense Ministry official as saying that these options include moving US forces deployed in Europe and beyond. The network stated that it is possible that these options are supported by the imposition of sanctions against Russia.

The US-Russian talks in Geneva on the crisis ended without any progress, with each side sticking to its position.

Russia insisted on its security demands, and its foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said that he had obtained a pledge from his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, that Washington would provide a written response to those demands next week, while the US Secretary of State described the meeting frankly.

Blinken added that any movement of Russian forces across the Ukrainian border would be considered an invasion and would be met with a decisive response.

As for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), it announced that it had rejected Russian demands to withdraw from Bulgaria and Romania.

new encounter

For her part, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that Blinken and Lavrov are expected to meet again to continue the talks.

Psaki, who was speaking to reporters in her weekly briefing, explained that no significant progress was expected in yesterday’s talks with Russia, and President Biden will discuss with his team at Camp David the available options.

Psaki indicated that the US side agreed to formulate its positions and demands from Russia in writing, stressing that Ukraine’s sovereignty will not be negotiated.

In turn, US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said that the Russian military presence on the Ukrainian border remained a concern, but Washington believed that there was still an opportunity for diplomacy to calm the situation.

During a press conference in Washington, Kirby reiterated his country’s commitment to helping Ukraine defend itself.

He said that the NATO intervention forces will launch next Monday military exercises under the name “Neptune 22”, and they will continue until the fourth of next month.

Kirby noted that these exercises, which have been planned since 2020, are designed to support the alliance’s deterrence and defense capability.

For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that his country does not want war, but must always be prepared for it.

Zelensky added that Kiev will continue to strengthen its defense capabilities and have an army that is ready for anything.

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