A 27-year-old dream.. an Iraqi father and daughter graduate from the same university in one day

Malazda wants to continue his educational career until he obtains his master’s and doctorate degrees, but it seems that the cost of studying is an obstacle to his ambition.

An Iraqi father fulfilled a promise he made after 27 years of dropping out of school to complete his university studies. Aram Malazadeh, 51, was able to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and he and his daughter graduated on the same day, despite his busy job in managing an elementary school in Erbil and supporting him. A family of 6 children.

father and daughter together

4 years ago, Malazade joined the Faculty of Physical Education at Koya University in the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, and this coincided with the entry of his eldest daughter, Ryan Aram, 22, the Faculty of Education, the Department of English at the same university and in the same year, but she was studying in the morning and her father in Evening period.

Malazadeh had graduated from the Physical Education Department of the Teachers Institute in Erbil in 1994 after he was accepted there in 1992, and then was employed as a teacher, and was graded until he became the director of the school in which he continued to work for 27 years, but his refusal to join the Baath Party at that time prevented him from being accepted into The university, as he told Al Jazeera Net.

One of the anecdotes of the Iraqi father’s story is that the day of his graduation from the university coincided with his daughter’s graduation, to be celebrated by friends and teaching teams in their own way, in appreciation of the father’s role and his struggle to complete university studies at this age, despite the fact that he is a father of six children.

Malazda wants to continue his educational career until he obtains his master’s and doctorate degrees, but it seems that the cost of studying is an obstacle to his ambition.

Aram Malazade in a photo of him with his wife and 3 of his daughters (Al Jazeera Net)

mother wife

Malazadeh has a deep passion for practicing all kinds of sports, especially swimming, horse riding and others, but he would not have achieved all of this if his wife, Razan Jamal, 45, had not been by his side, who assumed the greater part of the responsibility for managing the family and securing its daily requirements and needs, to create the appropriate atmosphere for her husband and children to complete their lives. their studies.

The wife tells Al Jazeera Net that her responsibility was very great, and made her face many difficulties and challenges, as she was doing the home duties of following up and securing all the requirements, in addition to her preoccupation with following up the children’s studies.

Aram Malazade with a number of university professorsAram Malazadeh with a number of university professors on his graduation day (Al Jazeera Net)

Girl’s challenge to father

The father’s study with his daughter Rayan in one university made the girl proud in front of her colleagues. She used to meet her father at the university and joke with him and ask him about his lessons and duties, and she interfered with him in challenging which of them would achieve the highest grades.

Ryan says that her father’s preoccupation with studies kept her from asking him for her daily needs.

Speaking to Al Jazeera Net, Rayan called on all girls and women to motivate parents or husbands to complete the study, and not to give in to any obstacles they encounter, no matter how great.

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