After threatening to respond, the coalition targets the Houthis in northern Yemen and announces two casualties as a result of a “brutal attack” on Jazan

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The Ansar Allah Houthi group said on Sunday evening that the Saudi-led coalition targeted sites in the northern Yemeni province of Saada, after announcing that it would respond to the group’s targeting of Jazan province in southern Saudi Arabia with a ballistic missile.

The Houthi group said that the Saudi-led coalition launched two raids on the “Sahar” district of the Saada governorate in northern Yemen, without providing further details.

On the other hand, a statement by the coalition said that two residents – a Bangladeshi and a Sudanese – were wounded by the fall of a ballistic missile on the industrial area in Jazan, which is the third attack by a ballistic missile on the industrial area, targeting civilians.

Pictures published by Saudi media platforms showed the damage caused by this attack to facilities in the region, as the coalition reported that the bombing caused material damage to workshops and civilian vehicles.

The coalition considered that the targeting of Jazan was deliberate and systematic to threaten the lives of citizens and residents, and that “the immediate response to the threat necessitates dealing firmly with this heinous and brutal attack.”

The coalition also announced the interception and destruction of two drones that took off from the Yemeni governorate of Al-Jawf, as part of a military operation against Houthi sites, which it said it had launched in response to the threats.

The coalition had announced earlier that it was pursuing hostile activity using drones, noting that the Houthis were escalating by using ballistic missiles and drones to target civilians.

The coalition said that it will take operational measures in accordance with international humanitarian law to protect civilians.

On the other hand, Muhammad al-Bakhiti, a member of the Houthi political bureau, said that the attack targeted Sharurah Airport in southern Saudi Arabia, considering it a “legitimate right” because of its use in attacks on Yemen.

Targeting Abu Dhabi

On Thursday, the coalition announced the implementation of a large-scale military operation to paralyze the capabilities of the Houthis in a number of Yemeni governorates, after the group targeted sites in Abu Dhabi last Monday, killing 3 people and wounding 6 others.

In a new development, the Arab League on Sunday condemned the “terrorist attacks” carried out by the Houthis in the UAE, calling on “all countries to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization.”

In a decision issued after an emergency meeting at the level of permanent delegates in Cairo, the League said that “these terrorist attacks committed by the terrorist Houthi militia constitute a flagrant violation of international law and international humanitarian law, and a real threat to vital civilian facilities, energy supplies and the stability of the global economy, as well as a threat to peace and security.” regionals”.

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