Al-Hasakah prison attack.. More than 100 people were killed in the battles of ISIS and “Syrian Democratic Forces”

Today, Sunday, human rights sources reported that 123 people were killed in the ongoing clashes for the fourth consecutive day between fighters of the Islamic State and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Al-Hasakah (northeastern Syria).

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that “the number is greater than that, and the real number is unknown until now, because there are dozens whose fate is unknown,” as well as a large number of wounded, some of whom are in serious conditions.

And since Friday night, the attack launched by ISIS on Ghweran prison in the city of Hasaka, which houses thousands of ISIS members, began. The Kurdish forces are trying to contain this continuous attack for the fourth day, with the support of the coalition forces.

Local sources said that US helicopters targeted the vicinity of Al-Sina’a prison in Al-Hasakah city, after a night of intermittent clashes between ISIS and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which they said had regained control of several points north of the prison.

For its part, opposition media sites reported that ISIS released 800 prisoners, and killed about 200 of the Syrian Democratic Forces, whose backbone is the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

The attack is the largest for ISIS since its defeat in Syria in March 2019, and this is the second time since last December that the organization has attacked the prison in an attempt to release prisoners from its members.

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