An American player catches a snake during Inter Miami training and gets it out of the place safely

A video clip and photos spread on social media, showing the Inter Miami player catching a small snake and trying to control it to get it out of the team’s training field.

The official account of the American club Inter Miami on Twitter and Instagram shared a video and a picture of the moment the American midfielder, Brick She, caught a snake next to the team’s training headquarters last Thursday.

The video showed Shi’s success in catching the snake and driving it outside the training center, away from his teammates.

And Michelle Kaufman – a sports journalist from Miami – published pictures of Shi taking out the snake after capturing it, commenting on it, “Only in Miami, Brick re-signed with Inter Miami, and he really had an effect, he caught a snake during training and was able to remove it from the field safely. “.

Sam Gregory, director of analysis for the American team, responded to the journalist, saying, “I usually don’t talk much about our internal data at Inter Miami, but I can confirm that Brick has more snakes caught every 90 minutes than anyone else in the MLS.” for football”.

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