Change of leadership or invasion .. What does Russia want from Ukraine?

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In his statement to Al Jazeera, the former Russian Foreign Ministry official, Alexander Zasypkin, denied that his country had intentions to invade Ukraine because it had no interest in doing so, and described what the British Foreign Office had reported as “empty talk.”

Zasypkin said that London’s accusation of Moscow seeking to occupy Ukraine and the installation of a subordinate president in Kiev, falls within the context of “dangerous provocations aimed at intimidating Russia and intimidating the people” of Ukraine and the European peoples.

London had accused Moscow of seeking to occupy Ukraine, and to install a president subject to it in Kiev. Moscow denied these accusations, and considered them evidence of the involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in escalating tension. As for Washington, it has expressed its “deep” concern after the accusations leveled by Britain against Russia.

Zasypkin – who was a guest on an episode 23/1-2022 of the program “Beyond the News” – added that Russia has no interest in invading Ukraine, whether politically, militarily, security or economically, and that his country’s demands are related to security guarantees and restoring balance in the region. Euro-Atlantic, and perhaps globally as a whole.

He also accused the West of focusing on Ukraine for its own goals, and of using it as a pressure card, noting that his country’s position on the other hand relates to the major issues at the global level.

On the other hand, the former Russian official stressed that the Donbass region is independent of Ukraine, and he wants to join Russia.

“The words of the Russians are unbelievable”

On the Ukrainian side, Serhiy Shapovalov, senior researcher at the Eco Kocherev Foundation for Democracy Initiatives, said that it is in Moscow’s interest to restore its political control over Ukraine, and that the Russians’ words cannot be believed, noting that in 2015 Russia denied its occupation of Crimea, but its President Vladimir Putin He admitted it a few months later.

Shapovalov ruled out the possibility of Moscow changing the leadership in Kiev, describing this as unrealistic, on the grounds that the percentage of Russian support in Ukraine had decreased since 2014, after the country was in the Russian sphere of influence. Rosa.

As for Samuel Ramani, a researcher specializing in Russian foreign relations at Oxford University, he explained in his speech to the “Beyond the News” episode that the change of leadership in Ukraine by Moscow could happen through multiple ways, including the military invasion and incursion into the Donbass, and the support of pro-Russians in the Ukrainian parliament who supported Russian military actions.

The researcher ruled out the possibility of major nuclear powers such as Britain, France and the United States entering into a confrontation with Russia, which in turn is a nuclear power, and said that no one wants to send military forces to Ukraine, and revealed that Washington provided $200 million in military aid to Kiev.

The relations of NATO and Moscow have declined to the lowest level since the Cold War, due to the tense relations between Kiev and Russia for nearly 7 years, against the background of the latter’s illegal annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea and its support for separatists loyal to it in Donbass, eastern Ukraine.

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