Despite the clarification of the United Nations, activists ask: Where did the donations from the Abu Fella campaign go?

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The controversy continues over the statements of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on the communication platforms, after announcing the mechanism for distributing the aid collected by YouTuber “Abu Fella” with his initiative to help refugees face the harsh winter.

The interactive bulletin “Nashratkoum” (23/1/2022) continued the UNHCR’s tweet on the topic, where it published a clarification on the aid distribution mechanism and said in its tweet, “Important Clarification: All of the donations that #AbuFella succeeded in collecting for the benefit of needy families through the campaign (Let’s Make Their Winter Warmer) It will be monitored for refugees, displaced people and the needy. Half of it will be through UNHCR’s aid programs and the other half through the network of regional food banks.”

Among the interactions monitored by your “Nashartak”, activist Yahya Abdullah said, “It is nice to respond to that. Now will you answer the following two questions: Will you publish the financial report after the campaign ends? You announced the delivery of aid after months, meaning that you will deliver it in the spring and the campaign.” Its name is “Let’s make their winter warmer”? Is this not manipulation of the donor? Or is it poor planning on the part of your ancient institution?”

For his part, the tweeter Arkan Mahdi wrote, “Oh, my brother, we know that the parties who organize campaigns take their lineage, but you take the text, and God is a shame, at least before you do not settle the campaign, explain to people the percentages distributed so that one is not tempted by campaigns and participates and thinks that it is a great thing, and the last of which is the one that delivers For families it’s literally crumbs.”

As for Mohsen Abbasi, he tweeted, “This is normal! Why does it need clarification? By what logic and by what calculations, any amount you donate should reach 100%? Doesn’t anyone who works in organizations receive salaries? Doesn’t the purchase, storage, transportation and distribution cost money? Isn’t everything costing?” To be implemented? This is called the sustainability of volunteer work, and other than this is a fantasy.”

As for the activist Salma Adedar, she commented, “The idea is not only with financial reports. I can write a million false reports and they are not a problem. It is supposed to prove on the ground that in fact their winter will be warmer, and it will not come out. The video is one or two families. 100,000 families said, we want to see the change.” The real thing is all of them.”

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