“God bless every informant.” Khaled Al-Jundi: “Lord, we will all be safe.”

Cairo – Sheikh and TV presenter Khaled Al-Jundi said that “every believer must be a security guard, meaning that he loves security, and not be a traitor to his homeland or a spy against his own people,” citing the words of God Almighty (Those who believe and do not confound their faith with oppression, those have security and they are guided).

With the political division in Egypt, terms have spread for the exchange of accusations between the political parties, such as “Al-Aminji”, in reference to those who deal with security agencies or those who provide reports and slander to security against others, in addition to the term “drumming” used to criticize those who exaggerate the hypocrisy of the authorities and praise them. Government decisions all the time and whatever.

During his presentation of the “May they understand” program on the DMC channel affiliated with the security authorities, Al-Jundi said that there is confusion about the word “Amenji”, although the word with all its meaning implies goodness, blessing, favor and protection for the country, according to Recipe.

The soldier, who also works as a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, considered that it is within the framework of enjoining good and forbidding evil to inform those who are in control of enjoining good and forbidding evil to intervene to change evil. He explained that the “security” person is the one who reports any crime or corruption and brings rogues and outlaws to justice.

He added, “But traitors, enemies of the homeland, and hackers have deliberately destroyed the country, and they are deliberately trying to distort national and scientific symbols.”Is this something to be offended? I will say a strong word against the people of evil: O Lord, we will all be safe for the benefit of the country.

And “people of evil” is a term that current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the media supporting him have been using in reference to opponents, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, to which the late President Mohamed Morsi, who was the first elected civilian president of Egypt after the January 2011 revolution, belonged. To be overthrown after one year in power following an army intervention led by Sisi, who was defense minister at the time.

As usual, the soldier’s statements sparked controversy on social media between supporters and opponents, as supporters of the authority stressed that cooperating with the security services for the benefit of the country is a benign matter and not a charge.

On the other hand, others said that the term “security” is not intended to have a positive meaning related to exposing corruption and crimes, but rather the Egyptians and activists got acquainted with its negative meaning of spying on activists, politicians and opponents of the authorities, as well as working for the security services within the various institutions and bodies.

For their part, activists said that the soldier’s speech comes as a reaction from supporters of the Egyptian authorities to the intensification of criticism against them, pointing to a similar talk by some broadcasters affiliated with the security services, where some of them were proud of defending the security services, while others were proud of the term “drumming,” stressing There is no shame in praising the state and standing by it, mixing the concepts of authority and the state.

Source : Egyptian media + The island + Social Media

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