Iraq..the energy country suffers from a shortage of electricity

The authorities deny the complete blackout in the country, but they admit that the hours of supplying this vital service are witnessing a significant decline.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity said that it discussed, in an urgent meeting of the advanced leaders and public administrations at the ministry’s headquarters, what the electrical system is going through from the repercussions of the decline of imported and national gas.

The ministry added in a statement that it had formed an open operating room for the possibility of addressing the causes that led to the decline in processing hours.

The ministry had announced – earlier yesterday, Saturday – the reasons for the decrease in the processing hours of the national electricity, by reducing the national gas rates, the decline in the emissions of imported gas, and the shutdown of Iranian lines.

The Iraqi governorates – especially the capital, Baghdad – are witnessing an almost complete interruption of the national electricity current after the loss of 7600 megawatts of electric power production.

And on the reasons for the great power outage, the spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Moussa, stated – in an interview with Al-Jazeera in a previous bulletin – that yesterday, Saturday, 4 Iranian supply lines were stopped, supplying Iraq with 1,100 megawatts of electricity, and the national gas supply was also reduced by 50% due to bad electricity. Weather.

He added that Iranian gas supplies to Iraq had been reduced from 50 million cubic meters per day to only about 8 million, which led to the limitation of loads and the suspension of many obstetric units at production plants, which negatively affected the processing hours and the supply of electricity to citizens.

Iran justified the reason for the suspension of its supply lines to Iraq by delaying the payment of dues, in addition to the fact that Iran is going through a peak season and needs more energy.

Moussa called on the Ministry of Finance to pay the debts owed by Iraq due to the import of Iranian gas, because the matter had a great impact and reduced processing hours on citizens.

Musa called on the Iraqi Ministry of Finance to pay the debts owed by Iraq due to the import of Iranian gas (Al Jazeera Net)

Awaited solutions

Moussa pointed out that the current government proceeded to overcome problems and failures, and signed contracts to provide alternative energy through solar energy, but this takes time. And he indicated that Iraq does not only have gas-powered stations, but there are also steam and thermal stations.

Moussa said – in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency – that the governorates of Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk and the Middle Euphrates governorates are the most affected by the recent crisis; Because the lack of gas flows affected the Basmaya, Al-Mansuriya, Al-Sadr gas stations, Al-Quds, Al-Haidariah and Al-Khayrat stations.

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