Lopes: Fascinated by weapons and hatred of Muslims.. A French man who planned to bomb a mosque has a lenient sentence

French magazine L’Obs said that the 25-year-old who planned to bomb the Le Mans mosque in France and hates Muslims was sentenced on January 13 to two years in prison, although he represents a dangerous situation in the criminal sense. disturb public order; He is a lost man obsessed with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, and fascinated by weapons, drugs, Nazism and pornography.

The magazine explained – in a report From Elsa Vigoro- That this young man showed himself in a video recording on the “Azar” chat site, holding a hunting rifle and ammunition in his hands, and he drew a swastika next to his right eye, and he says, “There are many people who will leave with me,” He was only noticed by the judicial authorities after the police alerted him to an online student who had accused him of being a “dirty Arab”.

The magazine pointed out that this ruling by the Court of Sable d’Olon in Vande was light, because Hugo de, who planned to attack a mosque and to attack “Arabs” in general, was tried “only” on charges of threatening to kill and multiple violations of arms-related legislation, and was not tried on charges of terrorist threat, nor of defending and glorifying terrorism. , charges that would have led him directly to a more private and harsher jurisdiction.

This case was an opportunity for the court to achieve justice without making a lot of noise, because it put its hand on a man who boasts of his ability to do the worst, and “represents a dangerous situation in the criminal sense, has a disturbing appearance, and loves to provoke,” according to the conclusion of the psychiatrist who examined him, confirming That Hugo de “is completely devoid of guilt, and says, even before anyone asks him, that he can do justice himself.”

A real arsenal of weapons

In the room of Hugo De, a member of the airsoft club, police officers found a real arsenal, including a 22LR semi-automatic and automatic rifle, hundreds of cartridges, and a hand strap marked “police” under his bed. They referred to his “hatred of Muslims” and his special interest in explosives in France, which he considers “on the verge of civil war.” He never denied to the police that he had launched racist insults, nor that he planned to attack the Le Mans mosque, and that he “did not hide his hatred of Muslims,” ​​according to the investigating judge. .

On Hugo D’s mobile phone, computer, and hard disk, most of the content was about weapons, drugs, Nazism and pornography, once disguised as Adolf Hitler and once wearing a helmet with a swastika on it, and his videos were littered with images of torture and murder and a scene of someone being cut down. headers, as stated in the report.

In the devices belonging to this young man, more than 600,000 files containing images of weapons with anti-foreigner connotations, and more than a thousand pornographic files were also found. with murderous ideologies, and this confirms the xenophobia and violence inherent in the person in question.” However, his mother, Sandrine, who defends him, says that “his interest was mainly on war objects, and that is why I found things from the Nazi era,” and he is not racist – as “Because he has all kinds of friends,” she says.

God forgives.. not for me

The report described Hugo De, a single young man with blue eyes, who is one meter and 86 centimeters tall, weighs 120 kilograms, and works as a cook in a camp, and proudly considers himself a “patriotic” person. He thus creates a story to hide his misery, and to invent belonging to the homeland in order to survive, because his life in reality is summed up in a series of neglect.

Hugo De told the psychological expert this difficult life and “dirty childhood”, in the custody of two parents separated when he was “very young”, after “my mother left because of violence to escape from a man who was beating her, and she was afraid of him”, so that the child found himself in his father’s house. The “walrus” who drinks a lot and beats him regularly, and who “constantly changes wives.”

The 13-year-old mother disappeared, leaving her child alone in his worries, wrecked by the beatings, and Sandrine says, “I got away because I was afraid of his father hitting me with kicks and punches.” His father led him to commit suicide by leaving a message, and his son says he “left a message, but he doesn’t talk about me”, then found his mother at the age of 20.

This is how his father raised him

How can we deal with all this accumulated anger? And against whom will it be directed from now on? How can this destructive energy that turns into hate be channeled? To conclude that Hugo tried addiction, food, cannabis too, Coke, mushrooms, alcohol and everything, but it all didn’t work in the end, and then he is now experimenting with the new passion for weapons, which he has developed, like a child collecting toys he loves.

The psychiatrist says that Hugo de “the more weapons he accumulated, the more he felt invincible”, as if the pain he endured, the blows and buried sorrows turned him, the weak and fragile person, into a very solid, bad and dangerous man, so that he says to the psychiatrist “What I will tell you Abominable, but I like everything illegal.” He followed his mother by saying, “This is how his father raised him.”

a taste of violence

Raised by weapons, Hugo De says, “They are not for decoration. They are made to kill.” And when the expert asks him: Was he able to kill? He replies that he does not want to appear “stupid”, nor “risk” going so far as to “confess”, adding vaguely, “It is a choice with a reason”, “There is no difference between you kill one or you kill 15”, because it is the taste of violence that keeps Hugo de coherent He is very happy to vent his anger at people, in the “Azar” application, as his father used to do with him.

The magazine concluded that Hugo de chose to vomit on people the permanent suffering, the blows he endured and the pain buried deep within him, in showers of hatred, because he wants to be frightening, and therefore the psychiatrist concluded that “the mental state of the person concerned has disturbed public order.”

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